12th Annual Walkabout Challenge Begins Jan. 22

Jan. 22 marks the beginning of the 12th annual Walkabout challenge, a partnership between the Faculty of Education, UBC Rec, and Human Resources.

Walkabout is an annual nine-week health and wellbeing challenge promoting regular exercise in social settings. Everyone at UBC is welcome to join a team or register as an individual ($10/person).

Learn more about the challenge at http://walkabout.educ.ubc.ca.

2 responses to “12th Annual Walkabout Challenge Begins Jan. 22”

  1. Susan Turnbull Caton, PhD

    I teach online for the UBC Education faculty and live in Victoria. Do I need to join a team to participate in the walkabout? Without a pedometer, should I just use the standard 1300 steps per km?

    1. Melissa Lafrance

      Hi Susan,

      You can sign up for Walkabout as an individual as well and you don’t have to be part of a team. Register here: http://walkabout.educ.ubc.ca/registration/.

      You can purchase a pedometer or use any other type of fitness tracker. You may have a tracker app on your phone. For tracking information, please visit http://walkabout.educ.ubc.ca/teams/.

      If you need anything else, please email me at melissa.lafrance@ubc.ca.