Considerations On Halloween Costumes

A guest post from the UBC Equity & Inclusion Office


It’s Halloween party season and many UBC employees are planning their costumes for events on and off campus. Halloween is the one time of year when people dress up for fun in costumes – some of us do this to honour or spoof themes of creatures of the night, witches and otherworldly beings, others dress up to reflect prevalent themes in society.

The Equity & Inclusion Office reminds everyone, when making your costume choices, Culture is not a Costume. Let’s keep people’s culture and race out of the costume. Take care not to wear blatantly and unabashedly racist and or sexist costumes. It’s a matter of respect. Do your part to create and sustain a respectful environment wherever you are. Share this message widely on social media and with your unit and in the classroom.

Best wishes for a safe and respectful Halloween.

One response to “Considerations On Halloween Costumes”

  1. Claudia

    Getting educated on cultural appropriation is so important. Glad that UBC is getting the word out there.