Cyber Security at UBC

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In today’s world, our personal and professional lives are more public than ever before. Personal Information (PI) pertaining to payroll, health, credit cards, and much more is collected, stored and accessed on a daily basis here at UBC. We all have a responsibility to protect such highly confidential data that we handle. As information security is frequently perceived to be a challenging issue, we are embarking on a campaign to raise the profile of Cyber Information Security Awareness; this will help inform you about what information security is and what your responsibilities are in protecting the information you handle at UBC.

To facilitate this, UBC Information Technology, UBC’s Office of the University Counsel, and UBC Risk Management Services have prepared information security tips and resources, in addition to holding information security-related events across campus. We encourage you to visit UBC’s Cyber Security Awareness Campaign website to learn more about how to protect your information and the information of others.

Cyber Security Awareness Campaign and Contest site:

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UBC is having a contest to give away a 16GB iPad mini, a 500GB Apricorn Aegis Encrypted BioDrive and other items to UBC employees who successfully complete the  Cyber Security Awareness Quiz by Nov.29. Details and rules are on the Cyber Security Awareness Campaign and Contest website.

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