3 responses to “Breakfast with President Stephen Toope”

  1. Jennifer Hamilton

    What a wonderful idea and event! I would love to meet him to discuss some of the ideas Geography is working on with regards to sustainability!

  2. Rubén Zamar

    I’d be very happy and honored to attend one of these breakfasts. I’ll be around until June 15, before I begin traveling to conferences and sabbatical destination.
    I’d like to ask our President about his plans to improve sport facilities at UBC which are available to profs and staff, and their affordability.

  3. Ann Campbell

    This opportunity makes me smile, not only because of the much-appreciated opportunity to break bread with the President, but also because the title brings to mind “Breakfast with Santa.” I have no expectations for raising issues related to my work at the Sustainability Initiative; rather, I’d enjoy hearing what’s happening in the President’s world and those of the other participants.