Transportation & Driving

Vancouver-Area Public Transportation

The Lower Mainland has a very reliable transit system that includes buses, SkyTrain / Canada Line (rapid transit), the West Coast Express (commuter train), and the Sea Bus, that all link Vancouver with its surrounding areas. Visit Translink for more information.

Car Sharing

Vancouver has four car sharing networks that operate throughout the city. They are easy to sign up for and offer a great alternative to public transport or driving your own car around Vancouver.

Driving License & Car Insurance

If you have a driver’s license from another Canadian province, the United States, or overseas, your license is valid in British Columbia for a period of 90 days as long as you meet BC’s licensing requirements. Prior to the 90-day grace period, you must visit the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) driver licensing office to register for a BC driver’s license.

Most vehicles must be registered, licensed and insured within 30 days of arriving in BC. You should speak with ICBC about your vehicle’s insurance needs. Be sure to bring the title, registration, and evidence of current insurance with you.

To save money on insurance costs, it is recommended that you bring 10 years’ (or as much as you have) driving history and insurance claims history.

Information about bringing your vehicle to BC is available on the ICBC website.