PIRL Application Procedures

Procedure for Deans and Department Heads

Deans and Department Heads that wish to apply on behalf of potential faculty members being recruited, please click here for a recruiter’s application form and instructions.

All applications are received and considered for approval on an ongoing basis so there are no application deadlines.

Procedure for Current Faculty Members

All applications are received and considered for approval on an ongoing basis so there are no application deadlines.

Application Process

Step I: Assemble Supporting Documents

  • UBC Curriculum Vitae (CV): including a list of publications, articles and awards. For new recruits, a copy of your most recent CV is required.  
  • Scholarship Statement  (250-500 words)
  • Any other information the applicants consider relevant (if available)

The Scholarship Statement should provide a concise (250-500 words) account of the applicant’s research interests and/or creative activities, as appropriate to his/her discipline. Though the format and contents of the narrative are at the applicant’s discretion, the Scholarship Statement should include both (1) a description of the applicant’s three best scholarly contributions (e.g., books, journal articles, computer code, art works, musical compositions, etc.) and (2) evidence of the applicant’s scholarly/research impact (e.g., H-index scores for researchers in the life, physical, or social sciences). Applicants may wish to supplement their narratives with audio recordings or visual materials, again apropos their discipline.

Step II: Complete the Application Form

Complete the application form for the Prescribed Interest Rate Loan program (click here for the form).

Faculty members meeting the eligibility criteria and wishing to participate in the Prescribed Interest Rate Loan (PIRL) program are asked to submit the application form and the associated documentation to the Housing & Relocation Services office. Pre-approval from your Department Head or Dean is not required in order to submit an application. 

Deans’ offices that wish to apply on behalf of potential faculty members being recruited, please click here for an alternative application form and instructions.

Step III: Submit the Application

Please submit the application form and supporting documents through:

  • the on-line application form Save and Submit option, or
  • email to info.facultyhousing@ubc.ca , or
  • hard copy delivery by post or in-person to the Housing & Relocation Services (HRS) office at: 302 – 3313 Shrum Lane, Wesbrook Village, BC, V6S 0C8.

The Housing & Relocation Services office, on behalf of the UBC Provost Office, will coordinate the internal processing and tracking of the application once the application package (with associated documents) is complete. The strategic and academic merit review is undertaken by the Provost Office in consultation with Deans.  The final decision making authority rests with the Provost’s Office.

HRS will communicate the Provost office results to the Dean of the applicant’s Faculty.

The Dean or delegated Department Head or Program Director will then communicate the results to the faculty member.

Upon receipt of notice of application approval, faculty members  will be directed to  the HRS office for follow-up paperwork, process and information on the loans.

In the case of those not successful this time round, the HRS office can also provide other forms of information and support in housing searches near or on campus.

Typically the full loan application review process should take approximately 4-6 weeks after submission of a complete application package. Complex applications may take longer.

There is no limit on the number of times a faculty member can apply to be considered.

Please contact the HRS office at 604-822-5350 or via email: info.facultyhousing@ubc.ca, if you have any questions about the application process.

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