Approval and Consideration Process

The merit-based review and allocation process for limited spots in Prescribed Interest Rate Loan program will take into account the following considerations, to assess the strategic academic importance of recruiting or retaining a faculty member, and the related priority list determination:

  • the University mission and objectives outlined in the UBC Place and Promise Strategic Plan (and, in the future, equivalent strategic documents);
  • priorities identified by the relevant Faculty and academic unit in their strategic plans and their operational needs; and
  • the risk of the faculty member whom the academic unit desires to recruit/ retain accepting employment elsewhere.

All applications for PIRL housing loans will be submitted to the Faculty-Staff Housing & Relocation Services (HRS) office, who will forward the applications to the Provost office for adjudication and approval, in consultation with consultation with your Faculty.

There is no application deadline.  Requests will be processed as they are received.

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