Provost’s Priority Childcare Placement Program (PCPP) Application Process

Request for Consideration and supporting documentation for the Provost’s Priority Childcare Placement Program (PCPP) may be submitted anytime and will be reviewed regularly

In an effort to improve access to on-campus childcare, this program, through the Provost office, provides a limited number of new faculty members with higher placement on UBC childcare external waitlists in order to support strategic recruitment and retention priorities. Tenure stream faculty candidates who are interested in being recommended for this program should discuss potential access with the head, director or selection committee chair in the academic unit. There is an additional monthly premium for daycare spots achieved through the PCPP, which in some cases the Faculty or department may cover. (Please note Post Doctoral Fellows are not eligible for this priority stream, but are welcome to apply along with all other faculty and staff through regular channels with UBC daycare).

Step I: Assemble Supporting Documents

  • UBC Curriculum Vitae (CV): including a list of publications, articles and awards. For new recruits, a copy of your most recent CV is required.
  • Explanatory Letter 
  • Letter of support from your Department Head or Dean
  • Any other information the applicants consider relevant (if available)

Step II: Complete the Application Form

Complete the application form for the Provost’s Priority Childcare Placement Program (click here for the form).

Step III: Submit the Application

Please submit the application form and supporting documents through:

  • the on-line application form Save and Submit option, or
  • email to , or
  • hard copy delivery by post or in-person to the Housing & Relocation Services (HRS) office at: 302 – 3313 Shrum Lane, Wesbrook Village, BC, V6S 0C8.

Following Submission of Your Application

  1. The Request for Consideration form and accompanying documents received will be sorted by the Housing & Relocation Services office, and forwarded directly to the Allocation Committee review and final selection.
  2. The Allocation Committee chaired through the Provost Office, will meet as needed and base final decisions on the strategic recruitment and retention needs of the university and the faculty/school.
  3. Applicants will be notified of their result by Housing & Relocation Services office.


Questions regarding the PCPP may be directed to Melanie Groom at 604-822-1229 or

For questions about other Provost faculty support initiatives please click here.