Caring for Your Temp

Eight Temporary Employee Hints

The following eight helpful hints will help your department reap the greatest benefits from your UBC Hiring Solutions temporary employee:

  1. Introduce the UBC Hiring Solutions employee to their co-workers and supervisors by name.
  2. Let them know when breaks are to be taken.
  3. Show them where the washrooms, lunch rooms and emergency exits are located.
  4. Clearly advise them about departmental policy on Internet, personal phone call and email use.
  5. Ensure that they have the proper tools and work area to do what’s expected of them.
  6. Orient them to your needs and expectations – let the employee know what your department’s standards are regarding the quantity and quality of work you expect and your office attire/dress code policy (including casual Fridays).
  7. Give Feedback. Advise them when your expectations are not being met and especially when they are being exceeded.
  8. Review employee timesheets. In order to meet UBC payroll deadlines, our employees are sometimes required to submit their timesheets to us two days in advance of the end of the pay period. Please take the time to review the timesheets for accuracy of the speed chart and calculations. Adjustments can be made to timesheets after they have been submitted if there is an illness or absence.

We strongly recommend that you keep a copy of the timesheets for your records.

Illness or Absence

Although our employees are required to notify our office in case of illness or absence, we recommend that departments call our Placement Coordinator at 604.827.1736 to confirm an employee’s absence.

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