Pre-Employment Testing Services

Evaluate Your Candidate

UBC Hiring Solutions (formerly Staff Finders) can provide you with the necessary tests to help you in your decision making when you need to evaluate a candidate. You can choose to have the tests done at your convenience in your own office or, you can choose to let us do them for you. In both situations, we e-mail test results about an hour after the candidate finishes the tests.

The company we use

UBC Hiring Solutions uses the services of a company called eSkill. The tests are done using an on-line platform. The candidates are guided through each step by the program.

Available tests

Please view List of Available Tests.  Please contact Maria Salim  if you’d like assistance in selecting tests.

Interpretation of test results – The test results provide you detailed analysis of the results. Most tests evaluate a candidate’s skill at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level and provide you with an average score of the three levels combined. The interpretation of the results should be based on what your needs are (e.g. the position level that you are testing for).


UBC Hiring Solutions is a self recoverable division of Human Resources and as such we charge a nominal administration fee for our services.

Our office: The cost per candidate is $45 which includes up to 5 tests.  Each additional test administered to the same candidate is an additional $5 per test. 

E- ticket:  The cost per candidate is $35 which includes up to 5 tests.  Each additional test administered to the same candidate is an additional $5 per test.  E-ticket option is the candidate conducts the tests in your office and your staff supervises the testing. Results are emailed to you by us.


Our Office – We are happy to assist you with your testing needs in our office. You can contact the candidates directly or we can facilitate that process on your behalf.  Our fee covers the admin support staff to set up the schedule with you, the time spent in our office space for the candidate testing, orienting the candidate for testing, forwarding the test results to departments and billing the department.

Online – We will send you an e-ticket with all the tests you request. Each e-ticket is for one candidate but will include all the tests you request.

Request a Package

Call us at 604.822-5656 or email your request to Maria Salim.

Billing information required

Your name and department:
Your e-mail:
Your phone #
Your Speed chart:

Our standard billing practice is to charge departments at the end of each month. The account we apply the charges to is 640000. You can then JV it out to any other expense account you prefer.

***Sample testing invitation to your candidate via our automated scheduling tool ****

Dear “Name”,

As discussed, you are invited to do testing in UBC Hiring Solutions (formerly Staff Finders) at “Time” on “Date”.  Please check contact Hiring Solutions for details of our location You can also find a link to the campus map here. Parking is available underground on Allison Road; Metered parking is also available on the streets.

The entire testing will take approximately “ “ hours and will consist of: “name the tests”.

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