Vacation Policy

All vacation requests must be addressed to Staff Finders for approval, not the department that you are assigned to.

You are an employee of “Staff Finders” which is a division of Human Resources at the University of British Columbia.  You do not work in the  Staff Finders’ office because we send you out on assignments to various departments.  As such, we manage you and your benefits and entitlements including vacation***, at arm’s length. Gerry Doiron is your Manager, while the person you report to in the department is your direct supervisor. The Work order, i.e. your assignment,  is a contract between Staff Finders and the department; any deviations from it should be addressed to or discussed with Staff Finders, not the department. Examples include change in hours, tasks outside the position description in the work order, requests for absences etc.

See Vacation in our FAQs for further details and instructions.

If you want to take vacation, even if it is for one day, please e-mail y our request to Staff Finders’ general e-mail Your email should include the dates of your vacation and the actual day you will be available to return to work.

The placement team will handle your vacation request (i.e. they will contact the department you are assigned to and make the necessary arrangements) and will confirm the results to you by email.

We would like to know at least one (1) week in advance of your vacation plans for vacation requests that are less than one (1) week and at least two (2) weeks notice for any vacation request of more than one (1) week.

The busiest time of year at Staff Finders is between August 15 and September 30.  As such, Staff Finders applies a vacation blackout period during that time and we may have difficulty accommodating any vacation requests.

Vacation is paid out on each of your paycheques, however, we allow you to take up to 3 weeks of unpaid time off per calendar year as vacation whether you have earned it or not.

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