UBC Hiring Solutions – Employee Position Description

Position Identification

Position Title: Temporary Employee
Position Classification: Temporary appointments in a variety of bargaining units where applicable.
Department: UBC Hiring Solutions – UBC Human Resources

UBC Hiring Solutions’ Mission

To provide an effective, efficient response to the University community’s temporary staffing needs.

Key Goals

  • Service – to provide excellent, seamless, accessible services through competent, reliable employees that have the judgment, skills and flexibility necessary meet the broad range of community needs as they relate to administration and administrative support.
  • Integrity – to operate within a system of transparent processes that foster an environment of trust
  • Equity – to value diversity and an individual’s unique set of skills and experiences.
  • Growth – to recognize employee potential and contribute wherever possible to their development.

Job Requirements

  • Accurately conveys their experience, skills and abilities, in order that UBC Hiring Solutions may assign the employee to a placement suited to their abilities.
  • Follows all UBC Hiring Policies as outlined in the orientation material with particular, adherence to procedures as they relate to time sheet submission, reporting sick time and vacation requests.
  • Exercises tact, judgment and sensitivity to the departmental environment; conforms and adapts to the established standards of conduct.
  • At the outset of each placement, requests the following information from the department:
    • Their expectations concerning the quantity of tasks to be performed
    • Their expectations concerning the standard of work quality to be produced
    • Information concerning hours of work and appropriate break times
    • Their policies concerning the personal use of e-mail and internet
    • The departmental reporting structure and procedures as they relate to the placement
    • Their office attire/dress code policy (including if they have casual Fridays)
  • Immediately communicates to UBC Hiring Solutions any concerns that may impede the successful completion of the placement.
  • Advises UBC Hiring Solutions of any reason for absence, tardiness or any other reason that would affect their ability to complete the hours as set out by the department.
  • Makes every effort to maintain and upgrade their office skills through the resources provided by UBC Hiring Solutions and the University

Work Performed

Although each assignment will differ in the work performed according to classification, the employee is expected to adhere to following standards as related to:

1.   Service

Demonstrated service skills required:

  • Provides respectful, tactful, fair and efficient service to a culturally diverse group of clients including: students, faculty, staff, colleagues, affiliates, suppliers and campus visitors
  • Communication (oral):
    • Interacts with clients / customers in a pleasant, courteous manner
    • Listens effectively and empathically
    • Clarifies and assesses what is being asked
    • Speaks clearly and articulately
    • Diffuses situations by remaining in emotional control when clients / customers / suppliers are anxious, frustrated or angry
  • Communications (written)
    • Clarifies and assesses what is being asked
    • Responds concisely with grammatical accuracy in writing to email inquiries and correspondence
  • Provides timely service with minimum supervision
  • Works effectively during high volume placements
  • Works co-operatively within a departmental team
  • Is well organized
  • Works effectively under staff pressure
  • Works independently with a high degree of accuracy
  • Enters data efficiently and accurately at all times
  • Decision making:
    • Uses humour appropriately

2.   Decision-Making and Judgment

  • Analyzes information and identifies potential solutions
  • Solves problems
  • Makes decisions within established guidelines
  • Judgment:
    • When required, accurately interprets data/verifies information
    • Recognizes discrepant perspectives, balances needs and makes every attempt to resolve conflict
    • Recognizes limits (e.g. knows what is an emergency, or when to refer)
    • Exercises judgment based on thorough knowledge of established policies and procedures, or recognizes the need to defer to departmental authority
    • Exercises integrity
    • Makes appropriate use of operational tools and equipment
    • Maintains privacy, confidentiality and uses authority appropriately
  • Adapts to changing priorities

Consequences of Error/Impact of Decision

  • Failure to provide service that meets these standards affects the integrity of UBC Hiring Solutions and/or the University.

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