Sick Leave Policy

After 66 worked days, you complete your probationary period with UBC Hiring Solutions and (based on your status) become eligible for benefits on the 1st of the following month; this includes sick leave entitlement of 8.75 hours per month, provided you meet the eligibility criteria, which includes the requirement that you work a minimum of 11 days in a given month.

Reporting Procedure:

When you are off sick, whether you are on probation or not, it is critical that you communicate with the department and us by phone as soon as possible, preferably an hour before the start of your workday. You must call everyday that you are sick.

Please leave a voice mail message at the Placement Coordinator’s phone at 604.827.1736 and state clearly the reason for your absence and advise whether you have phoned the department or not.

Immediately upon your return from sick time off, please enter a request for sick day(s) through the Timesheet Portal.

For timesheet purposes, deduct the hours/days for the sick time taken. If you are eligible for sick time,  we will cover the payment of wages.

Important Reminders Regarding Sick Leave

  • Please use the phone to contact us if you are unable to make it to work.
  • In our environment, e-mail reporting is not an acceptable option for communicating absences. Please call any of the office staff if you are unable to report to work.
  • Please note that you are an employee of “UBC Hiring Solutions” a division of Human Resources at the University of British Columbia.  This means that you work for UBC Hiring Solutions. We in turn send you out on assignments to various departments. Gerry Doiron is your Manager, while the person you report to in the department is your direct supervisor. The Work order, i.e. your assignment, is a contract between UBC Hiring Solutions and the department and as such, any deviations from it should be addressed to or discussed with us not the department. Examples include change in hours, tasks outside the position description, requests for absences, etc.

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