Confidentiality Agreement

The University of British Columbia – Employee Confidentiality Agreement

I acknowledge that during the course of my employment at UBC Hiring Solutions and my work assignments at UBC, I will acquire information which is confidential to UBC Hiring Solutions or to UBC, or to related corporations, persons, or institutions, including but not limited to:

(a) product design and manufacturing information;

(b) all present and prospective customers, and related information;

(c) pricing and sales policies, techniques and concepts;

(d) secret or confidential information which UBC obtains from third parties;

(e) all suppliers of UBC;

(f) trade secrets;

(g) strategic planning;

(h) inventions;

(i) research data;

(j) papers;

(k) developments and conclusions; and

(l) information relating to UBC’s students, faculty, clients or staff.

I acknowledge and agree that such information is the exclusive property of UBC or such related party and that the information could be used to the detriment of UBC.  I therefore undertake to treat confidentially all such information and agree not to disclose any such information to any person either during the term of my employment under this Agreement (except as may be necessary in the proper discharge of my employment obligations) or, at any time after the date of the termination of my employment.

I agree that upon termination of my work assignment, I will return to UBC all drawings, blueprints, records, software and data and other media that I may have taken possession of during my work assignment.

I acknowledge that in addition to any other rights and remedies of UBC to enforce its rights arising from this Agreement, in the event of a breach by me of the undertaking and agreement set out above, UBC is entitled to apply to a Court of competent jurisdiction for a restraining order and injunction to prohibit disclosure by me of any such information, in order to protect its rights and property as set forth above.

I agree that my rights and obligations under this Agreement will survive the termination of my employment by UBC Hiring Solutions.

By signing the UBC Hiring Solutions employment offer letter, I acknowledge that I have read and understood this confidentiality agreement and agree to abide by it.

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