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  • Please submit your timesheets to ubchs.admin@ubc.ca.
  • Lynda.com online learning resources are available for all faculty and staff at UBC free of charge until March 31, 2019.
  • Check out UBC Perks. Please consider that any time taken to attend events are unpaid; Our absence reporting policy remains in effect should you require extra time off.
  • Leaving UBC, or transferring from UBC Hiring Solutions to a UBC unit? Visit Resigning or Transfering Out of UBC Hiring Solutions.
  • To access your payslips and T4s online you’ll need to sign into Faculty/Staff Self Service (aka. CWL/Self Service Portal) www.msp.ubc.ca .  Once you sign in to your CWL, you can find the payslips in the “My Pay” section of the Staff Self Serve screen under the link “View Paycheque” or your T4s under the link “Year End Slips”. If you want to access the website off-site, you will need to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN). For more information on how to set up a VPN visit this website: http://www.it.ubc.ca/security/VPN.html. Once you have the VPN set up and are able to access www.msp.ubc.ca, sign in using your Campus Wide Login information and follow the prompts. CWL does not expire, and Self-Serve expires after 18 months, so you should still be able to log-in after you set up a VPN connection on your computer. Please note that if you’re still unable to access your T4, please make a request for a copy in mid-March. Due to the nature of Private Information contained in such documents, we will mail them to your home address we have on file.

Send Us Your Feedback: UBC Hiring Solutions FAQs and Our Webpages

Help us improve our web pages, in particular, the FAQ page.  Please take the time to review them and provide us feedback.  Help us serve you and future employees better; tell us what/if information is missing, what we can improve, what we can clarify or reword etc…. If you see any broken links or out-dated information, do not be shy in pointing it out.

Respectful Environment

All staff must be aware of UBC’s Respectful Environment statement and their obligation to maintain a respectful workplace free of bullying and harassment. Please read the information on the Respectful environment Statement, bullying and harassment, training and awareness building, as well as reporting procedures.

Confidentiality Agreement

We’d like to remind our employees to review the UBC Hiring Solutions’ Confidentiality Agreement

Job Description

We’d like to remind our employees to review the UBC Hiring Solutions’ Employee Job Description


For security alerts, please visit Campus Security at http://security.ubc.ca/content/safety-alert-0.

Leaving UBC Hiring Solutions?

Leaving UBC, or transferring from UBC Hiring Solutions to a UBC unit? See Resigning or Transfering Out of UBC Hiring Solutions.


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