UBC Hiring Solutions

Temporary & Permanent Staffing at UBC

UBC Hiring Solutions encompasses both permanent managed recruitment services as well as temporary staffing.  The department can assist you with any pre-employment testing needs, any permanent hiring (screening applicants, testing, interviewing, reference checks, etc) as well as assisting you with any temporary staffing needs which includes but not limited to: Administrative Assistants, Financial Processing Staff, M&P placements (including HR, IT, Marketing, Project Mngt), Library Assistants or other common jobs on campus.

UBC Hiring Solutions is the university’s temporary staffing & employment solutions agency, connecting UBC units with skilled professional employees on a temporary  or permanent basis, to support the university’s mission for excellence in teaching and research.

Are you interested in temp work at UBC? We invite you to learn more about our temp opportunities, and to apply. We have positions at UBC’s Point Grey campus, as well as Robson Square (downtown) and the UBC units at Vancouver Hospital and Children’s hospital.

Our Mission

To provide efficient, effective and exceptional temporary staffing and employment solutions that foster trust, respect and integrity.

Our Clients

  • UBC Departments
  • Our Employees
  • Applicants
  • Unions

Our Business Practices

  • Service – to provide excellent, seamless, accessible services through competent, reliable employees that have the judgment, skills and flexibility necessary meet the broad range of community needs as they relate to administration and administrative support.
  • Integrity – to operate within a system of transparent processes that foster an environment of trust.
  • Equity – to value diversity and an individual’s unique set of skills and experiences.
  • Growth – to recognize employee potential and contribute wherever possible to the their development.

Meet Our Office Team – A Great Place to Work!

Wendy loves strategizing! That’s what makes her great at coordinating employees and assignments.

Leah loves interacting! That’s what makes her great at recruiting.

Lucy loves analyzing! That’s what makes her great at systems and finances.

Kasia loves information! That’s what makes her great at payroll.

Gerry loves all aspects of Human Resources! That’s what makes him great at managing the department.

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