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UBC Hiring Solutions encompasses both permanent managed recruitment services as well as temporary staffing. We can assist you with any pre-employment testing needs, any permanent hiring (screening applicants, testing, interviewing, reference checks, etc) as well as assisting you with any temporary staffing needs which includes but not limited to: Administrative Assistants, Financial Processing Staff, M&P placements (including HR, IT, Marketing, Project Mngt), Library Assistants or other common jobs on campus. UBC Hiring Solutions is the solution to the university’s temporary staffing & employment needs, connecting UBC units with skilled professional employees on a temporary or permanent basis, to support the university’s mission for excellence in teaching and research. Are you interested in temp work at UBC? We invite you to learn more about our temp opportunities, and to apply. We have positions at UBC’s Point Grey campus, as well as Robson Square (downtown) and the UBC units at Vancouver Hospital and Children’s hospital.

Temporary Staffing Solutions

UBC Hiring Solutions has been providing exceptional temporary staffing solutions to the university community for the last 30 years. We are the subject matter experts and we would be thrilled to partner with you on supporting your staffing requirements while you recruit for a permanent replacement, provide coverage for maternity leaves or short/long term sick leaves, assist you with staff for projects or to help cover your excess workload during busy or seasonal times of the year. We have filled short term requirements in the following (but not limited to) areas:

  • administrative support
  • financial processing staff
  • M&P placements (including HR, Accounting, IT, Marketing, Communications, Project Management)
  • library assistants
  • other popular jobs on campus

No assignment is too short or too long. We can accommodate all of your placement needs. For pricing and to learn more about our temporary staffing solutions, please contact us directly at 604-827-1736.

Managed Recruitment Services

Our managed recruitment services takes all of the leg work out of running a fair and transparent competition for your department’s job vacancy. We create a hiring profile and design screening questions based on your job requirements and qualifications. We also:

  • screen candidates utilizing state of the art video interviewing software
  • create a preliminary shortlist of candidates and perform pre-employment testing
  • conduct first round face-to-face interviews
  • perform reference checks

A shortlist of the top 3 candidates are provided for you to perform secondary and/or final interviews before you make a hiring decision. For pricing and to learn more about our managed recruitment services, please contact us directly at 604-822-9465.

Pre-employment Testing Services

Using pre-employment assessment tools makes your hiring decisions more efficient and it will enable you to better understand your candidates’ strengths and opportunities. UBC Hiring Solutions will provide:

  • online access to over 1500 individual assessments to assist you when evaluating candidates for job vacancies
  • up-to-date, validated and industry-best standards assessment tools that will give you the confidence to know that your pre-employment assessments are standardized and defensible
  • testing sessions in our offices or at your convenience in your own office

For pricing and to learn more about our pre-employment assessment services please contact us directly at 604-822-5656

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