3 responses to “Fitting in Fitness: Let’s Get Vertical!”

  1. Laurence Alter

    I don’t see how moving your body in old way would be a #2 option to stair-climbing BUT it’s good your staff is looking at #2 options: too often in the medical profession, advice is given in the form of: “No.1 or None” in best advice or best treatment. So, I appreciate your ideology–second-best solutions–but I don’t see your next-best solution as a very good one. If a child dislikes vegetables, offering fruits instead–that would be an example of a superlative #2 option.

  2. Laurence Alter

    Error: I meant to say “moving your body any old way”

  3. Miranda Massie

    Thanks for your comment, Laurence. With Healthy UBC, and our health and wellbeing programs and services, we aim to provide accessibility options for faculty and staff for the reasons you mention. Because health and wellbeing look very different for each person, our intention is that by providing these options, UBC faculty and staff can be active in the way that best works for them.

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