2 responses to “Ready, $et, Go: Money-saving Travel Tips”

  1. Bill Brymer

    Hi Miranda,

    What an excellent editorial ,you said something that all of us can use and benefit from, have you ever thought of expanding this into newspaper article The Globe and Mail ?
    Again nice editorial,

    Bill Brymer

  2. CeliTech Inc

    Extremely well-written article, clearly elucidates the nuances of making the right choices to be prudent and save on money. Saving on data plans during travel or even when at home is significant in a sense as well, mainly because it becomes easy to waste money on unlimited plans and incur additional charges due to roaming. Unlike transport, food and lodging, this is a factor which is grossly overlooked by a lot of travelers. Also, most residents have a WiFi enabled at their places and this eliminates the need to waste money on comprehensive unlimited mobile data plans and purchase them on the go – for example, if you know your usage is not going to exceed 5GB a week, that is a customization we could do right away, and cut down on expenses!

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