10 responses to ““I connect with multiple people across campus daily and I can honestly say they make my job a joy””

  1. Jennifer Xenakis

    Wonderful article – so uplifting to see great people enjoying their work environment and appreciating all of the great gifts our
    university environment has to offer!!

  2. Her cubicle partner

    Working with Dionne has been such a blessing! Her positive and fun attitudes makes big difference when there is a large volume of administrative items to process. She inspires many of us at DAE! Thank you for being such a wonderful colleague and my cubicle partner! You are fabulous!

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  4. Sunny Odinaka

    Dionne is an awesome person a motivating friend, never doubted her drive and compassion for work .

  5. Danille

    Wonderful article. What a pleasure to read :)

  6. Bill Upward

    Great to see you living such a full and (I assume) fulfilling life, Dionne – you’re an inspiration!

  7. George

    Wonderful article. We’re so lucky to have Dionne as our colleague.

  8. Param Ghuman

    So good to see you speaking about your UBC experience, lovely Dionne! You are such a positive presence.

  9. Sarah

    Way to go Dionne! This is such a great overview of all of the awesome things UBC/Vancouver has to offer. You’re an inspiration. Can’t wait to see the documentary! :)

  10. Tholu

    Great article, it’s good to hear people talk good about their work environment, lifestyle, health etc. Am hoping to see you direct a great movie soon.

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