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  1. Linda Fischer

    Thank you for this article Miranda! It’s not often communicated or shared with others the experiences those with food allergies can suffer from. My daughter is anaphylaxis to all dairy/milk proteins and it impacts her life significantly. It results in severe ongoing anxiety when in social circumstances that involve food and limits her ability to participate. Compassion and empathy are key when dealing with food allergies and educating others on being thoughtful and supportive is so very important.

    1. Miranda Massie

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the article Linda. It’s hard enough as adults to manage this type of allergy but I can only imagine what that would be like for children. Your daughter is very lucky to have such an informed and supportive parent in you :)

  2. Nina Kessler

    Thank you for posting this. I have reactions to gluten/wheat, milk products and oranges. It is difficult when invited to gatherings and then to have to explain why I can’t try someone’s home made cake or eat offered items. Food sharing is a sign of being part of a group and I sometimes get worried that the person will think I am rejecting them, which is not the case. Thankfully there is a lot of awareness and understanding in many places.

    1. Miranda Massie

      Thanks for sharing your experiences Nina. You bring up a really great point about food sharing that accompanies the social part of eating. The more we can share our experiences, the more understanding that can be created. I’m very glad that you have found this to be the case.

  3. Melissa Baker

    This is excellent! Thank you for writing this, Miranda. Happy Nutrition Month!

    1. Miranda Massie

      You are so welcome Melissa. Thanks for being one of our Nutrition Month features!

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