6 responses to “My Adventures in Humour, Grief, and Meditation”

  1. Lynn Mockler

    Thanks for sharing this Miranda. Grief is such a challenging part of our human experience. Please accept my deepest condolences.

    1. Miranda

      Thank you Lynn-much appreciated

  2. Carlos Ordonez

    I often say that my life changes positively with (or negatively in the absence of): music (including dancing), meditation and exercise. Of course drinking plenty of natural water and healthy eating is essential too.

    Humour, grief and meditation does not sound like a bad combination! Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re feeling much better now. I an sure your loved one is ;-)

    1. Miranda

      Thanks for sharing Carlos. Glad to hear that music, meditation and exercise are working for you!

  3. Adrienne Hammond

    I’m sorry for your loss Miranda. Cancer takes so many too soon and leaves behind so many broken hearts. I’m glad you are finding healthy ways to handle your grief.

    1. Miranda Massie

      Thank you for your support Adrienne

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