4 responses to “Being Mindful of Burnout”

  1. Stress Eating and Mindfulness « Healthy UBC Newsletter

    […] In the short term, stress hormones can shut down appetite. As stress becomes daily or chronic, cortisol levels ramp up and increase the motivation to eat, specifically to eat easy-to-access sugar and fat. If you’d like a review on how cortisol and stress are connected, read here. […]

  2. Burnout: An Ounce of Prevention - UBC Human Resources

    […] Unmanaged stress and its impacts can be harmful to health and wealth, as it has strong interactions with both metabolism, productivity and interpersonal dynamics. If you’d like a primer on the mechanism of burnout, read here. […]

  3. Stress and the Multi-Tasking Brain - UBC Human Resources

    […] habits can generate a stress response on their own, without any external stressors being present. Last year, I talked about how the chemicals released during stressful events trigger various physical […]

  4. Sugar Cravings and Stress - UBC Human Resources

    […] increases cortisol levels. A previous post outlines why cortisol surges in stress and the damage it can cause in the body. One of cortisol’s […]

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