S is for SEX

I wanted to spend this month’s editorial taking about an aspect of health that is very close to my heart.  This particular topic is not often openly […]

Parenting Sabre-Tooth Tigers

Stress is healthy, to a point. When faced with a perceived threat, the brain (specifically, the amygdala) alerts our bodies, causing hearts to pound, hands to sweat, […]

Media andThe Cult of Busy

Guest contribution by Dr. Thara Vayali Beware the barrenness of a busy life – Socrates. Scanning, liking, pinning, refreshing, flipping channels; they can fill up an evening […]

Thriving Faculty: Featuring Dzung X. Vo

Thriving Faculty is a regular column highlighting UBC Faculty who exemplify integration of health and wellbeing into their classrooms, research, departments and communities. Thriving Faculty support others […]

Benefits Spotlight: New Naturopathic Service

UBC staff, faculty and dependents enrolled in EFAP, now have access to a free Naturopathic Service through UBC’s new EFAP provider, Shepell. In today’s hectic world, it’s […]

Healthy UBC Initiatives: May 2015

UBC’s Health, Wellbeing and Benefits team has a great line up of FREE activities and events coming up in May.  Sign up today for topics including Naturopathic […]

Community Health News: May 2015

UBC’s Health, Wellbeing and Benefits team has a great line up of FREE activities and events coming up in May and over the summer.  Sign up for […]

Thriving Campus: Featuring Debbie McPherson

This month features Debbie McPherson, Development Coordinator, Development and Alumni Engagement at the Faculty of Forestry. Thriving Campus features, testimonials, contributions and personal experiences from UBC staff, […]

May’s Healthy Recipes

Welcome to this month’s delicious recipes, brought to us by UBC Dietetics student Stephanie Dang. For more of Stephanie’s tasty treats visit our Healthy UBC Recipe Series […]

Psychological Principles to Enhance Sleep

Guest contribution from Dr. Joti Samra One of my favourite quotes is from writer Edgar Watson Howe: “There is only one thing people like that is good […]



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