Leaving UBC: A Checklist

When you leave UBC, there are some steps you should follow to ensure that everything is wrapped up by the end of your time here.

  1. Give adequate notice that you are leaving UBC (see below).
  2. Take care of any outstanding benefits claims and familiarize yourself with what happens to your benefits when you leave the university.
  3. Look into your options with your pension plan: Staff Pension Plan | Faculty Pension Plan.
  4. Complete the online exit survey, which can be accessed through the Faculty / Staff Self-Service Centre portal (in the HRMS Self-Service tab).
  5. Return your keys to the Parking & Access Control Office.
  6. Return any other university property in your possession (see below).
  7. Ensure your address is up-to-date in Self-Service for any T4/T4A forms and other paperwork.
  8. Ensure all UBC credit cards in your name are cancelled and outstanding balances are cleared.

Faculty and staff leaving UBC are encouraged to use the Departure Form to ensure an orderly transition.

If you are leaving UBC for any reason after age 55, you may be eligible for the Retirement and Survivor Benefits Program.

Note: Employees can now access their Record of Employment by visiting the Services Canada website.

Giving Notice When Leaving UBC

When ending your time at UBC, you are required to give your employer notice of your departure. The length of the notice time required varies according to your employment group.

If you give less notice than required, your department may choose to withhold some of the vacation that you are owed as per your employment group’s handbook or agreement.

  • CUPE 2950: 10 working days
  • CUPE 116 (regular employees): one month
  • CUPE 116 (auxiliary/temporary employees with more than three months of continuous service): one week
  • Management & Professional: one month
  • Non-Union Technicians: three weeks
  • Executive Administrative Staff: three weeks

Unused Vacation (Staff)

If you have accumulated vacation time left over when you leave UBC, you will be paid out for it on your last paycheque. If you take any vacation days in your last pay period, these will be deducted. For more information, contact your department administrator, or refer to your collective agreement or employee group handbook.

Returning UBC Property

When you leave UBC, all university property in your possession should be returned to your department administrator or manager by your last day of work.

University property includes (but is not limited to):

  • building keys and cards
  • desk and cabinet keys
  • computer or electronics equipment purchased by the university, including: computers, printers, software, cell phones, etc.

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