Schedule of SAC’s Consideration of Dockets

1. Friday Meetings: Faculty Relations Assistant to Senior Appointments Committee (FRASAC) distributes new dockets for consideration at the next SAC meeting (Deadline for submission is the Wednesday preceding, see item 5 below).

2. Non Meeting Fridays: Subcommittees (Professor/Associate Professor and tenure) meet.

3. Monday prior to SAC meetings: Subcommittee chairs:

  • E-mail FRASAC the Subcommittee’s rankings (“A” or “B”)
  • Notify Deans of issues concerning “B” cases (secure fax or e-mail).

4. Monday or Tuesday AM: FRASAC notifies Deans’ Assistants of “A” and “B” cases; and sets up Deans’ schedule for SAC that Friday (1/2 hour per “B” case).

5. Tuesday prior to SAC meetings, 12 noon: FRASAC e-mails the following Friday’s Agenda to SAC members.

6. Wednesday prior to SAC meetings, 12 noon: Deadline for receipt of new dockets from Faculties for distribution at SAC. Dockets are given Faculty Relations numbers; Dean’s Assistants are notified of this by e-mail at the latest by the following Monday.

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