Tenure, Promotion & Reappointment for Faculty Members

The SAC Guide to Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion at UBC is the primary and most comprehensive source of information for this purpose. The Summary of SAC Revisions explains the most recent update from October 2019.


The SAC Guide documents the procedures established through longstanding practice and through the evolution of the Collective Agreement, Part 4: Conditions of Appointment for Faculty, Articles #5 and #9. The Guide is always intended to be consistent with the Agreement.

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The criteria and procedures for tenure, promotion and reappointment reviews are detailed in the Agreement on Conditions of Appointment for Faculty, in particular Articles #3 and #4, which form the basis for these documents:

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Tenure, Promotion & Reappointment Schedules

The timing of a faculty member’s regular reviews for tenure, promotion and reappointment will depend on their appointment and rank. Section 2 of the Guide explains this process in detail, including when reviews for promotion and tenure are optional versus mandatory.

This is illustrated in the sample schedule for reappointment, tenure, and promotion.  For alternate examples, see Appendix 15 of the Guide.

Please note that due to changes in the 2016-2019 Collective Agreement, Assistant Professors hired after July 1, 2017 may only receive tenure if promoted to a higher rank (explained in Section 2.4 of the Guide, which interprets Articles 2.03(j) and (k)).  Assistant Professors hired before the cutoff date remain eligible for tenure without promotion.

Tenure clock extensions may be possible.

The following templates are designed to help you identify the review dates for tenure track positions. All documents are up to date, unless otherwise noted.

Departments are required to track the timing of their faculty member’s regular review for tenure, promotion and reappointment. For more information, view a sample schedule for a tenure track Assistant Professor.

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Additional Resources


The documents provided below or referenced in the Guide might also be helpful. All documents are up to date, unless otherwise noted.

Letters of Reference Material

Senior Appointments Committee

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Faculty Relations holds annual workshops on tenure and promotion procedures for faculty and administrators at the Vancouver Campus. Human Resources does the same at the Okanagan Campus.

  • For Faculty Workshops, invitations will be sent to all Faculty members each year when the date and location have been determined.
  • See the most recent Faculty Workshop Powerpoint presentation (Research Stream & Educational Leadership Stream).

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