Information about and for Postdoctoral Fellows as Employees

A Postdoctoral Fellow is an employee where the individual plays a key role on a research team under the direction of and funded by the supervising faculty member.

  1. Compensation Policy and Practice
  2. Income Tax
  3. Hours of Work
  4. Benefits and Leaves

1. Compensation Policy and Practice

Salary ranges for Postdoctoral Fellows will vary depending on the availability of funding and may be governed by the regulations of granting agencies. Where no specific salary is mandated, the Postdoctoral Fellow’s compensation is based on his/her relevant experience and responsibilities, the final salary established by the supervising faculty member following consultation with the Postdoctoral Fellow At the discretion of the supervising faculty member, total compensation may exceed the regulated maximum of a single granting agency, provided that other sources of funding are available and the granting agency allows additional compensation. Given the short-term nature of the appointment, salaries are not normally reviewed mid-term.

Postdoctoral Fellows who receive salaries through UBC Payroll from UBC funding sources are employees of the University and receive statutory benefits such as Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance and Worker’s Compensation coverage.

Upon hire and arrival a Direct Deposit Form must be completed. To view or print pay stubs, utilize the Self-Service payroll module using the Campus Wide Login. Paychecks will be directly deposited twice a month, on the 15th (or the nearest working day before the 15th) and the last working day of the month.

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2. Income Tax

While at UBC, any earnings received are considered Canadian income, unless otherwise indicated by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in writing prior to arrival.

Please note that by law deductions are taken from the salary for Canada Income Tax, Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Employment Insurance (EI). A T4 slip will be issued by Payroll, which will be used to file your taxes. Please ensure that your forwarding address is up to date in the event you leave UBC prior to this time. Contact a financial advisor or the Canada Revenue Agency for tax and financial information.

If there are any questions about paying income tax in Canada, please refer to CRA’s information for non-residents or contact the International Tax Services Office:

  • Calls from Canada and the US: 1.800.267.5177
  • Calls from outside Canada and the US: 1.613.952.3741
  • Fax number: 1.613.941.2505

***Collect calls are accepted***

Check the CRA website for a self-directed online course on Learning About Taxes. According to the site, this online course has been developed to help explain the fundamentals of the Canadian tax system and how to file a tax return.

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3. Hours of Work

By the nature of the work performed by Postdoctoral Fellows, it is possible that there will not be a strictly defined work schedule that will apply at all times. For jobs with special requirements where scheduling flexibility is a fundamental aspect of the work, it is essential that the Postdoctoral Fellow and the supervising faculty member will meet at the outset of the appointment to discuss and agree on issues and expectations around the scheduling of work, including how overtime requirements will be handled.

However, it is the University’s expectation that full-time work as a Postdoctoral Fellow will conform generally to the following guidelines and standards:

  • Typical work week – The typical work week for all Postdoctoral Fellows in all departments, except as noted below, is forty (40) hours per week.
  • Overtime – All overtime work performed for which overtime payments will be requested must be approved by the supervising faculty member in writing in advance of the overtime work and compensated accordingly. With mutual agreement between the Postdoctoral Fellow and the supervising faculty member, equivalent time off may be taken. The Postdoctoral Fellow must use accrued paid days off within the calendar year or project year in which they are accrued unless there is prior written approval of the supervising faculty member or the Department Head.

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4. Benefits and Leaves

Postdoctoral Fellows who are employees are eligible for health benefits if they meet the eligibility requirements. Please refer to the benefits section on the main Postdoctoral Fellows page for detailed information on eligibility requirements.  Detailed information regarding benefits & leaves is found on the HR Benefit page.

Supervising faculty members have the right to direct days and hours of work for Postdoctoral Fellows as employees.

Vacations and leaves are governed by BC’s Employment Standards Act.

i) Vacation 

Vacation entitlement is at 2 weeks per year with salary and benefits. Additional vacation time may be granted at the discretion of the supervising faculty member.

ii)  Leaves

Postdoctoral Fellows as employees are eligible for the following types of leaves:

  • short term sick leave;
  • maternity, parental, and adoption leave;
  • general leave (without salary);
  • jury duty or court witness leave; or
  • compassionate care leave.

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