Faculty Offer Letters

Offer letters are required for all faculty positions, whether paid or unpaid, including honorary and visiting appointees. Offer letters constitute a binding contract between the faculty member and the University, and detail expectations and commitments of both parties. A signed offer letter must be included with every faculty appointment form for every faculty position at UBC.

Offers of reappointment must also be in writing. This provides clarification for all parties whether the terms and conditions of the previous appointment continue in the new appointment, or whether there are changes.

To assist in preparing offer letters for your newly recruited faculty members or reappointment letters for existing appointees, we have a number of template letters for various ranks. Note that in accordance with Signing Resolution 14, offers of employment to faculty members may only be made by the Head of the Academic Unit. We welcome your feedback on these templates.

The following templates are in Word format to allow editing and saving for future reference. If you need any assistance with preparing offer letters, please contact a Senior Manager at the Vancouver campus or Okanagan campus.  **Please ensure that you provide the candidate sufficient time to sign within the offer date stated at the end of the offer letter; if the candidate’s signature is after this period, the contract will not be valid.


For Tenure Stream positions in the Faculty Association:

Important – Please Read:

To streamline offer letters across both campuses, there is now one consolidated set of template letters for tenure stream Faculty and probationary/confirmed Librarians. Instructions and the offer letter template for offer letters to be used at both UBCV and UBCO are found below:

Please ensure when producing an offer letter that the procedures and documentation for review of Tenure stream offer letters at UBCV are followed.

For term positions in the Faculty Association:

Please review the Instructions for Offer Letters for term positions.

For term positions not in the Faculty Association:

Administrative Appointments

Please review the Instructions for Administrative Appointment Offer Letters.


Please review the Instructions for Reappointment Letters.

Sessional Lecturer Reappointments

Generic Reappointment Letter Templates

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