Advertising Guidelines

1.0 – General Guidelines
2.0 – Where to Advertise and for How Long
3.0 – Appointments That Do Not Require Advertising
4.0 – Before You Advertise
5.0 – Re-advertising
6.0 – General Structure and Wording
7.0 – Procedures for Advertising
8.0 – Advertising Waivers


1.0 General Guidelines

Policy HR11 – Employment Advertising (formerly Policy #20) requires that all faculty openings, tenure-stream and term, as well as senior administrative opening must be advertised prior to the selection of a candidate. There are many important reasons that positions are advertised:

  • Equal opportunity is afforded to all who seek employment at the University (see Policy HR10 – Employment Equity (formerly Policy #2))
  • Meets the requirements of Service Canada and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
  • Provides for a clear and transparent process
  • Confirms for the successful candidate that they are the best candidate for the position

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2.0 Where to Advertise and for How Long

It is important to advertise as widely as possible in both print and/or online media and in accordance with Policy HR11. There are a variety of publications and/or websites that can be utilized: University Affairs, CAUT Bulletin, CMAJ, Nature, Pacific News Group (Vancouver Sun & Province) and the Globe and Mail. Additionally you should advertise on WorkBC and the National Job Bank. Units that choose not to advertise on the National Job bank must provide a rationale to Faculty Relations for not doing so. In the event of  an LMIA is required this rationale will be provided to Service Canada. See Section 7.0 below for procedures on how to advertise in these sites and publications.

Please refer to our Faculty Advertising Guidelines Matrix which provides further details on what positions need to be advertised and where.

Vacancies must be advertised for at least one month (unless exception noted below) on the appropriate UBC website/s (normally via eRecuit, but also on the faculty career opportunities page of the department or Faculty) and as follows:

A. Tenure-track or tenured positions must be advertised nationally in the University Affairs, in appropriate newspapers (e.g. “CAUT Bulletin“), and other journals and/or publications. As per Policy HR11 a minimum of 4 places must be utilized.

B. Research Associate positions should be advertised nationally and in appropriate publications. It is recommended to advertise in 2 places in addition to the requirement to advertise on the UBC website.

C. Sessional Lecturer positions must be posted in departments for at least two weeks, per Article 2.02 of Part 7, Conditions of Appointment for Sessional Faculty Members.

D. Lecturer positions should be advertised nationally and in appropriate publications. It is recommended to advertise in 2 places in addition to the requirement to advertise on the UBC website. Note that at the Head’s discretion the position may be posted internally only, if the appointment is filled by a candidate who is currently a Sessional Lecturer in the unit (see Article 12 of Part 7, Conditions of Appointment for Sessional Faculty Members).

E. Other term appointments one year or more in length must be advertised at least locally, on the University website and in appropriate publications.

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3.0 Appointments That Do Not Require Advertising

Some positions at UBC do not require advertising and are as follows:

A. The Provost may approve non-competitive appointments in special circumstances. Please refer to the advertising waiver information in section 5.2 of Policy HR11 for details.

B. Postdoctoral Fellows

C. Visiting Appointments, for faculty from other academic institutions. These are temporary appointments for individuals who are expected to return to their home institution.

D. Adjunct, Clinical and Honorary Appointments

E. Administrative appointments of heads of departments and directors of schools, when a well-documented case for an internal appointment has been made to the Provost. The decision as to the adequacy of the documentation presented will rest with the Provost.

F. Term appointments less than one year in length except Sessional Lecturers. If a term appointment that was originally less than one year is to be extended beyond one year, the position must be advertised.

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4.0 Before You Advertise

4.1 Develop a detailed profile or description of the position for which you are hiring.

You may wish to refer to the Collective Agreement (Articles 3 & 4 of Part 4 – for Faculty and Articles 2 & 3 of Part 5 – for Librarians) and University Policies for criteria and expectations.

4.2 Obtain approval from Faculty Relations and the Vice Provost for tenure stream appointments. Advertisements of term appointments do not require approval by Faculty Relations or the Provost’s Office.

Vancouver Campus: All advertisements for tenure stream positions must be approved by the Provost. In order to request approval, units must create a position and load the ad to Position Management. Ensure all funding information for the position is included before the ad is submitted for approval. Faculty Relations will review the ad and if no changes are required the position/ad will be be forwarded to the Vice Provost Academic. The ad is reviewed and approval, on behalf of the Provost, is provided.

Okanagan Campus: All advertisement for tenure stream positions must be approved by the Provost at UBCO.

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5.0 Re-advertising

In the event a Tenure Stream appointment requires re-advertising, approval must be obtained from the Provost’s Office prior to posting the position again. The re-advertisement request must follow the same procedures for approval as new requests. This allows for the Provosts to be aware of problem recruitment areas. It is also provides for an opportunity to review the ad for possible amendments and improvements. Depending on the length of time since the initial approval, government or UBC policy and procedure changes may also need to be incorporated.

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6.0 General Structure and Wording

See also the UBC Advertisement Template Checklist.

6.1 Structure

The first paragraph of the advertisement invites applications for the position, indicating the position type or rank. Please review the Faculty Appointment Matrix for faculty ranks. Please also clearly identify the location where the successful candidate will be working. In particular, please note whether the location is at UBC Vancouver or UBC Okanagan, especially if a department exists at both campuses.

An advertisement for a faculty position should state what the qualifications for the position are and what the successful candidate will be expected to do once in the position.

The advertisement may contain a statement that “salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience”.

The advertisement should include a statement about the Faculty or Department which describes courses offered, etc.

6.2 Required Elements

For all appointments the advertisement must include the following:

6.2.1 University Diversity Statement

“Equity and diversity are essential to academic excellence. An open and diverse community fosters the inclusion of voices that have been underrepresented or discouraged. We encourage applications from members of groups that have been marginalized on any grounds enumerated under the B.C. Human Rights Code, including sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, racialization, disability, political belief, religion, marital or family status, age, and/or status as a First Nation, Metis, Inuit, or Indigenous person.”

6.2.2 An Immigration Statement

All vacancies must be advertised within Canada and contain the following statement (immediately following the equity statement):

“All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however Canadians and permanent residents of Canada will be given priority.”

6.2.3 Start Date

Ads must included the expected start date of the appointment. Tenure stream appointments generally start on either July 1st or January 1st.

6.2.4 Deadline for applications

The deadline date for applications must be at least one month after the date on which the advertisement appears with the exception of postings for Sessional Lecturer positions which must be posted for at least 2 weeks. The deadline can be for receipt of applications or the date on which the search committee will begin reviewing applications.

6.2.6 Accompanying Documentation Required

A list of the documentation required (i.e. CV, statement of teaching and research interests, evidence or record of teaching effectiveness, the names and contact information of referees, and any additional information) and the address to which the application should be sent.

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7.0 Procedures for Advertising

Once the advertisement has been approved, as applicable by the Provost’s Office, departments must place the advertisement themselves.

Faculties are encouraged to use an approved UBC credit card whenever possible. Campus-wide Standing Offer contracts have been set up for the Pacific News Group (Vancouver Sun & Province), the Globe & Mail and TMP Worldwide. Please visit Payment & Procurement Services website for information and the list of preferred vendors.

For the Pacific News Group (Vancouver Sun & Province), the Globe & Mail, simply contact the publication directly to place your order using your P-Card.

Human Resources has created a central UBC account with WorkBC, the BC Provincial Government’s job posting board and with the National Job Bank. In order to advertise faculty openings on either site UBC Vancouver units will need to set up a sub-account through Human Resources (contact Olivia Sperry). At UBC Okanagan Alana Jordan will be making the necessary arrangements. If your unit does not have one already please contact Olivia Sperry or Alana Jordan.

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8.0 Advertising Waiver

Policy HR11 provides that in special circumstances the Responsible Executive may waive UBC’s advertising requirement. Refer to section 5.2 of  Policy HR11 for full details. The request for an advertising waiver is made by the Dean’s Office who emails the request to both Faculty Relations and the Provost’s Office at the same time.

UBC Vancouver: A request for a waiver should be emailed simultaneously to Faculty Relations ( and the Provost’s Office (

UBC Okanagan: A request for a waiver should be emailed simultaneously to Human Resources (

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