Before You Arrive

Settling in a new city and beginning a new job can be very exciting – but can be a great challenge too. There are a number of helpful resources to assist in the transition to life in a new city and to UBC. Please ensure you review the following information.

Welcome Guide

UBC’s Welcome Guides contain a helpful overview of the basics about relocating to UBC Vancouver or UBC Okanagan. The Welcome Guides contain information about support services available for faculty and staff at UBC. Each covers immigration, relocation, accommodation, childcare, important dates and much more. Each also contains an essential personal checklist to guide you through settling in a new city and beginning your new job at UBC.


UBC’s in-person Orientation provides helpful information for both faculty and staff to prepare for the first day and for settling into the first few months. Orientation outlines a broad range of services, including:

Housing & Relocation Services

UBC’s Housing & Relocation Services assists faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and staff with their families relocating to UBC. Housing & Relocation Services outlines a broad range of services, including:

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