Faculty Bargaining Archive: 2014-16

April 2016: Read the Interest Arbitration Award, and see the Joint Message from Provosts and Faculty Association to UBC Faculty Members.

February 2016: The University and the Faculty Association interest arbitration February 16-18, 2016. Refer to Bargaining Bulletin 30.

October 2015: Bargaining Bulletin 27 & Bargaining Bulletin 28

April 2015: The University and Faculty Association signed a Memorandum of Agreement itemizing the proposals that have been discussed. Arbitration dates are now set for October 20 to 22, 2015. Please refer to Bargaining Update #18 for further details.

February 2015: After meeting for five days in January, the University and Faculty Association have concluded bargaining and will now proceed to arbitration. Please refer to Bargaining Bulletin #15 for further details.

July 2014: Please refer to Bargaining Bulletin #6.

June 2014: Three additional days of collective bargaining were set for June, and monetary proposals were exchanged by both parties. Please refer to Bargaining Bulletin #5 and Bargaining Bulletin #6 for details. Further collective bargaining sessions are now being scheduled for September/October 2014.

April / May 2014: Collective bargaining continues. There are 11 days scheduled for collective bargaining during April and May. All proposals put forward thus far have been non-monetary, with monetary proposals expected in June. Please refer to Bargaining Bulletin #3 and Bargaining Bulletin #4 for more details.

April 7, 2014: The current Collective Agreement will expire on June 30, 2014; all terms and conditions will remain in force until a new Collective Agreement is established. Collective Bargaining began between the University and the Faculty Association. Please see an overview of the process here: Bargaining Bulletin #2