Faculty Bargaining

Bargaining Bulletins: 2019

Bargaining bulletins will be posted as they become available.

Principles & Values

The following principles and values guide and inform the University’s preparation of its proposals and our response to the Faculty Association’s proposals in this round of negotiations:

  • Encourage, inspire and value the highest standards for the University – the recruitment and retention of outstanding faculty is critical to the University’s ability to meet its vision of excellence;
  • Honour and foster the essential mandate of the faculty: student learning, excellence in teaching, contribution to knowledge through scholarly activity and community engagement;
  • Protect UBC’s bicameral governance system, as provided for in the University Act;
  • Recognize that the University is a complex, diverse and decentralized organization, and that departments and faculties have developed different approaches and different practices which reflect their diverse disciplines and histories;
  • Adopt a fair and rational approach in the context of a requirement to honour contractual commitments;
  • Strive for simplicity, transparency and clarity in the wording of our agreements, and streamline processes that are put in place;
  • Ensure flexible and discretionary means to address faculty retention issues;
  • Recognize that there are different ways of rewarding merit – compensation is only one;
  • Strike a balance between collegiality and shared governance with UBC’s responsibilities as a university and the Faculty Association’s responsibilities as a union;
  • Understand that collective bargaining decisions are influenced by the University’s need to exercise fiscal responsibility and respect government constraints;
  • Bear in mind that commitments made today have implications for the future.
  • Conduct our negotiations at the table; not through the media;
  • Respect the roles of those we bargain with and the concerns of those they bargain for – our faculty members.

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