Salaries for Faculty Members, Librarians and Program Directors in Continuing Studies

  1. Starting Salaries
  2. Salaries, Changes & Additional Payments
  3. Payroll Information

1.Starting Salaries

Starting salaries are negotiated between the new faculty member, librarian or program director in Continuing Studies and the responsible head of unit when offered an appointment. The University has no salary scales but does require minimum salaries for the purpose of benefit eligibility, as well as for Librarians, Lecturers, Sessional Lecturers and Research Associates.

2. Salaries, Changes & Additional Payments

a) Salaries and Additional Payments to Tenure Stream Faculty Members and Faculty Members in Term Appointments

b) Faculty Salary Increases

c) Additional Earnings

3. Payroll Information

By law, deductions are taken from your salary for Canada Income Tax, Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance. Other deductions may include benefit premiums, faculty pension contributions, and Faculty Association membership dues.

Your monthly salary is paid in two installments: on the 15th and the last day of every month. You must arrange for your paycheque to be deposited directly into your bank account.

You can access your “pay stub” and other personal & payroll information through the UBC Faculty & Staff Self-Service. Questions regarding pay cheque deductions should be directed to your payroll representative in Financial Operations.

If you are a member of the Faculty Association and your base salary is increased in accordance with the Collective Agreement, you will receive a faculty salary increase notification letter that details out the different components of the salary increase. Questions regarding faculty salary increases should be directed to your department.

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