Salaries & Additional Payments to Tenure Stream Faculty Members

Tenure stream faculty members receive a base annual salary which if paid through UBC is processed on a Faculty Appointment Form using the earnings code “REG”. Individuals with other paymasters are also appointed using a Faculty Appointment Form noting the salary being paid and using earnings codes “MAP” or “NUF”. Salary through UBC is paid on a monthly basis in two installments: on the 15th and the last day of every month.

These individuals can receive monies in addition to regular salary, under certain conditions, in the form of honoraria or administrative stipends.

Important Notes

Faculty members must never be paid salary using a Requisition for Payment Form. Those faculty members who provide service to the University in an area of specific expertise unrelated to their UBC employment must have an agreement approved through Supply Management and must comply with Policy SC3 – COI (formerly Policy #97).

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