Professional Development Reimbursement Funds for Sessional Lecturers without continuing status

COVID-19 related temporary measure: Submit your PDR Fund claim by email.  Please follow these temporary instructions to submit your claim to , do not send the original paper form by mail.

Effective January 1, 2011 Sessional Lecturers without continuing status are entitled to Professional Development Reimbursement (PDR) funds at a rate of $25 per credit course taught.

Entitlement to PDR funds is evaluated three times per year as of the following dates:

  • Summer Term: August 15
  • Fall Term: October 15
  • Winter Term: February 15

Note that each term’s entitlement will be added to individual PDR records as soon as possible after the above assessment dates. Please allow approximately two weeks for your fund entitlement to be updated with the PDR desk.

Sessional Lecturers without continuing status may carry forward their PDR funds for up to two years from the PDR assessment dates listed above.  They may carry forward their PDR funds even if they do not have an active appointment.  At the end of the two year accrual period, any unused or unspent funds will expire and be moved from the individual Sessional’s bank to the Sessional Conference Fund for the general use of all Sessional Faculty members. The expiry dates are as follows:

  • June 30th for unspent PDR funds from the February 15 assessment date
  • December 31st for unspent PDR funds from August 15 and October 15 assessment dates

Upcoming Deadline: To access an unspent PDR fund amount carried forward from February 2018 assessment date, your PDR expense claim form must be received in Human Resources on the Vancouver campus by Friday, June 19, 2020 at 4:30 pm, in order to provide time for the PDR claim processing prior to the June 30, 2020 expiry date.

Non-Continuing Status Sessional Lecturers can request their PDR balances from the Workplace Learning Associate – Faculty PDR Funds, Human Resources at or 604-822-2044.

To apply for reimbursement review the Procedure to Claim Reimbursement.

Please note: any claims for reimbursement must be made within 12 months of the date when the expense was incurred.

More Information

Entitlement Information
Eligible Expenses

Procedure to Claim Reimbursement

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