Sessional Conference Fund

The Sessional Conference Fund provides travel grants for Sessional Lecturers who present papers at academic conferences. As per Article 7.09d of the Collective Agreement, this benefit is dependent on unused Professional Development Reimbursement funds.

Awards are announced once a year in January and applications must be submitted by February 28 for conferences in that calendar year.  The value of the annual award will depend on demand and availability of funds and may be used for travel, accommodation, and conference fees.

Download Sessional Conference Fund Application Form

Download Sessional Conference Fund Reimbursement Form


Sessional Lecturers who have had an active appointment within the winter term are eligible. Awards are limited to one per calendar year per individual.

Eligible Expenses

(a) accommodation
(b) conference registration
(c) transportation
(d) meals (UBC per diem rate)

Application Process

  • Notification of awards. The Faculty Association announces awards to Sessional Lecturers in January.
  • Submission of application.  Those wishing to apply will need to complete an Application Form and email the application to by February 28.  Note that applications must be for conferences presentations within that calendar year.
  • Approval of application. The UBC Faculty Association assesses all applications received and the successful applicants are provided with written approval of the grant. Note that no expenses will be reimbursed unless the member has prior written approval for expenses from the Faculty Association.
  • Notifications of awards. Applications will be evaluated and notification will be emailed as soon as possible in the spring.

Claim Process

  • Complete reimbursement form. After the Sessional Lecturer has participated in the conference the member must complete the Sessional Conference Fund Reimbursement Form . The completed form, along with original receipts, a copy of the Conference Program documenting the Sessional Lecturer participation and a copy of the application form with the confirmation of the award by the UBC Faculty Association is submitted to the Department Head & Administrator.  Reimbursements should be submitted as soon as possible following the date of the conference (once the sessional has an active appointment) and no later than February 28th of the year following the approval. The Department Head & Administrator will review and sign off on the reimbursement.
  • Submit reimbursement.  The Department Administrator will forward all documentation to the Faculty PDR clerk.
  • Reimbursement processed. Reimbursements will only be processed when a member has an active appointment. A member who delivers conference papers while not in active service (e.g. during a summer hiatus in their appointment) will be reimbursed once he or she has returned to an active appointment. A member who delivers a paper during an active appointment is eligible for immediate reimbursement and may be reimbursed while on hiatus or after their contract has expired. If a department initially covers the cost of the conference, the reimbursement will be to the Department.

Contact Information

If you have questions regarding the application process please contact the UBC Faculty Association at

If you have questions about the timing and processing of your reimbursement, please contact the Faculty PDR clerk at 604-822-2044 or