Checking Career Progress & LOS CP Increments

To ensure that the correct Career Progress (CP) and Length of Service (LOS) CP Increments are processed for faculty members in the annual Faculty Salary Increase process, administrators must check the accuracy of the CP data for their faculty members. CP & LOS CP reports have been created in HRMS, and administrators will need to run these to check the CP & LOS CP data for their faculty members. The checking process is as follows:

  1. CP & LOS CP data for the current year is loaded (normally early February).
  2. Faculty Relations will send an email confirmation to the Dean’s office that the Career Progress data for the current year has been loaded to HRMS. As applicable the Dean’s Office will inform their units.
  3. Units run HRMS Query 029 to check that the data is accurate.
  4. Errors must be reported to Faculty Relations (UBCV)/Human Resources (UBCO) by the end of March to ensure that the salary increase spreadsheets are produced with the correct CP and LOS CP data attributed to faculty members.

What administrators should check:

  • New Hires: check that new eligible faculty hired between the previous July 1 and current June 30 have a current year CP and current year LOS CP row. Ensure that those with previous years in rank have been placed in the correct CP year. The CP load program assumes that an individual is hired at year 0 and therefore will be at year 1 in their rank with the corresponding CP units as of the current July. However, if a Years in Rank form was supplied to Faculty Relations, this data should have been entered on HRMS and the new hire will have a CP year greater than year one.  For LOS CP a member hired to a bargaining unit position effective anytime in the prior academic should be at year 1 on the LOS CP scale.
  • Promotions: 1) Check that members who were promoted effective the previous July 1 appear in their new rank and correct year in rank. 2) Check those members who have been approved for promotion this year are appearing in the correct rank and year.
  • No CP or LOS CP row for current year: If no CP or LOS CP row is created research the situation to ensure that the individual should have a CP and an LOS CP row.  As necessary inform Faculty Relations/Human Resources to add a current year row for each award.
  • Ineligible members with current CP or LOS CP: Check that individuals who are NOT eligible for current year CP or LOS CP do not have a current year row for each award. Individuals in this category include part-time professors/instructors, resignations, retirements & non-reappointments with effective dates prior to July 1 and individuals holding exempt appointments (Deans, Associate Dean, AVPs).
  • CP/LOS CP Year is not equal to current year: The majority of faculty members will appear with both a CP and LOS CP row for the current July, however some may appear with a CP/LOS CP date other than the current July. This may be for a variety of reasons, with the most common reasons being,  1) the individual’s appointment ends prior to July 1, or 2) the individual is exempt from the bargaining unit, or was exempt in a prior year.  Individuals appearing with no current year CP/LOS CP and who meet the eligibility criteria are in error and this needs to be reported to Faculty Relations/Human Resources.
  • Correct Years of Service for LOS CP: All faculty members who are eligible for CP should also have an LOS CP row for the same year.  Administrators should ensure that the LOS CP year listed for their faculty members is correct and that it reflects their total eligible years.

Any anomalies or errors need to be reported to Faculty Relations/Human Resources.

If the CP/LOS CP data for your unit has been thoroughly checked in previous years, then you will only need to check the above items. If the CPI/LOS CP for your unit has not been thoroughly checked then a thorough review must be done.

How to check CP and LOS CP:

Administrators should run HRMS Report 029 – ACADEMIC BU SAL. This report provides a list of all active bargaining unit members, whether or not they are eligible for CP or LOS CP. The report contains appointment data, CP and LOS CP information and indicates if the individual has a Joint Appointment. There are 2 versions of this report – one provides 1 line per person per employment record and the second report provides a breakdown by account. Administrators should run the report without the account information to review the CPI and LOS CP for their members.

Although not all faculty are eligible for CP & LOS CP, Query 029 includes all bargaining unit members. This is so that administrators can use these reports to double-check that those members who should be receiving CP & LOS CP are and that those members who are not eligible will not receive either award. The full/part-time status is noted in the column entitled “FTE” – full-time faculty will have an FTE of 1.0.

For general information on CPI please refer to the Career Progress page. For general information on the LOS CP please refer tothe LOS CP page.

Information on how to run queries can be found in Chapter 4 of the Introduction to HRMS Training Manual.

Remember also that you can view complete CPI data for a faculty member on the Career Progress panel on HRMS, which is located under Workforce Development / Faculty Events / Track Events / Faculty Career Progress. Below is an example of the panel:

The Length of Service CP panel is also found found at Workforce Development / Faculty Events / Track Events / Faculty Career Progress and appears on the 2nd tab. Below is an example of the panel:

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