Career Progress Information

The CPI unit value for July 1, 2019 is $2,172.   The Guidelines for Awarding Career Progress Increments are provided below.

Guidelines for Awarding Career Progress Increments

General Information

Career Progress Increments (CPI) are awarded to eligible members according to agreed guidelines when provided for in the annual bargained agreement. The over-riding criterion for the award of CPI is satisfactory career progress. Members who are eligible, but who are not awarded an increment, are entitled to an explanation, in writing if they so request. In cases where a faculty member is promoted before receiving all the CPI applicable to his or her rank, the remaining increments will be carried forward and awarded (to a maximum of one c/f unit per year), in addition to those applicable to the higher rank, until they are exhausted.

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Since the award of career progress increments is guideline-driven (see the Career Progress Increments Schedule), no special allocation has been calculated for individual faculties. It should be noted that the value of increments has been carefully calculated and it is expected that there will be no scope for the exercise of discretion beyond the guidelines.

Note that there are no supplemental career progress increments for this year allotted for Professors with more than 15 years in rank. Professors in this category deemed worthy of an increase may be given merit or PSA as appropriate.

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All continuing members of the bargaining unit who are active on both June 30 and July 1, 2019 are eligible for CPI as of July 1, 2019. This includes members in full-time (including those on a reduced workload) academic ranks (Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Acting Assistant Professor, Instructor, Senior Instructor, Professor of Teaching), Librarians, Program Directors and Lecturers (both full-time & part-time). Please note that Sessional Lecturers and part-time faculty members are not eligible for CPI.

Members in eligible positions who are hired prior to June 30, 2019 are eligible for CPI effective July 1, 2019.

CPI amounts are pre-loaded on the increase spreadsheets.

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Carry Forward of Unexhausted Career Progress Increments

Faculty members who are promoted may carry forward unexhausted CPI eligibility from the rank(s) vacated. Unexhausted increments are to be awarded at the rate of no more than one unit each year. Please note that any eligibility for carry forward increments is in addition to the concurrent eligibility for the increments appropriate to the new rank. The appropriate amounts for carry forward increments have also been pre-loaded in a separate column.

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Withholding Career Progress Increments

Career progress increments may be withheld when a faculty member is not making career progress.

When increments are withheld, the faculty member must be provided with a written explanation by the Head no later than the time when other faculty members are notified of their increases.

Please provide a copy of this notification to Faculty Relations as we are required to inform the Faculty Association. Where the amount has been pre-loaded on the spreadsheets, simply delete it and make a notation on the spreadsheet in the ‘comment’ column, to the effect that increments are being withheld.

In addition, provide a brief explanation on a separate page, which should be forwarded with the completed spreadsheets indicating the rationale for withholding.

Please note that when the guidelines indicate that a “0” increment is appropriate, this indicates that the individual is no longer eligible for career progress at the present rank; it does not constitute the withholding of an increment. Note additionally that the current salary agreement does not permit the withholding of career progress carry forward units. These must be awarded in accordance with the eligibility criteria as indicated above. If career progress increments are withheld, the money will be added to the salary pool for the purpose of establishing the value of next year’s career progress increment. They will not be re-distributed within the Faculty.

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Modifications & Interpretation of the Guidelines

The guidelines have been formulated on the assumption of standard career development. They may require adjustment for non standard cases so that impeded career development is not financially advantageous.

For example, this principle would apply when an individual is appointed as an Acting Assistant Professor because of a failure to have in hand normal appointment qualifications. This should be taken into account in awarding career progress increments when title is changed to Assistant Professor.

Similarly the schedule of increments for Senior Instructors is based on the assumption that initial appointment will be at the rank of  Instructor  rather than Assistant Professor. An Assistant Professor is eligible for 3 increments more than an Instructor  over the first 5 years of appointment and this should be taken into account in the later stages of the Senior Instructor’s career. In such cases the worksheets should be adjusted by hand with an explanation provided.

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