Offer Letters

The offer letter templates for tenure stream faculty and Librarians have recently been updated, and administrators should ensure they are using the most recent version of these letters.

Keep in mind that offer letters are binding contracts of employment and as such the templates have been created to ensure that they are enforceable and meet legislative and university requirements. Should a unit wish to make substantial changes to an offer letter they must seek input from the Dean’s Office and subsequently Faculty Relations (UBC Vancouver) or Human Resources (UBC Okanagan).  Any unit which uses a letter that has been changed and not pre-approved will be the responsibility of the unit in terms of legal consequences that may flow from the contractual terms (including legal fees and potential damages).

Lecturer Appointments and Offer Letters

Please keep in mind that any Lecturers who have not been appointed under the new Collective Agreement language need to be appointed with the updated template Offer Letter and go through probation (even if they have held a Lecturer position at the University for a year or more).  Any Lecturer being renewed post-probation can be appointed with this Lecturer Renewal template.   Generally any Lecturer appointed before August 15th 2017 has not undergone probation and must do so.

Changes to UBC Policy #20

On June 14, 2017, the Board of Governors approved the amendment of Policy #20 (Advertising of Available Employment Positions). There are a number of changes to the policy, and we recommend that everyone who is involved in faculty and staff recruiting familiarize themselves with the updated policy. Notable changes include:

  • The expansion of advertisement waiver options – see Article 5.2 of the Policy
  • A revised Diversity Statement (also being updated in E-Recruit and on our advertising templates) – see Article 2 of the Procedures
  • A new section on Canada Research Chair advertising requirements – see Article 5 of the Procedures

Advertising on WorkBC

The amended policy includes information on the advertising of certain roles on WorkBC and the Canada Job Bank. Our practice at UBC is to post on WorkBC, a free service provided by the Provincial Government, which pushes the job postings out automatically to the Canada Job Bank. To set up a user account for your department within the central UBC company account, please contact Colette Hogg

Advertising Canada Research Chairs

Effective October 2017 the nomination package for a new Canada Research Chair (CRC) will be required to include a copy of the open job advertisement for the Chair position. Nominations that do not provide evidence of an openly advertised process will not be accepted by the program – this applies to all new, advanced, and foreign nominations. This requirement does not apply to renewals.

The CRC Secretariat in Ottawa has confirmed that the Immigration Statement may appear in CRC ads.  Regardless of whether the Immigration Statement appears in the ad, UBC must be able to demonstrate that the competition for the CRC was open, transparent and equitable, gathering a range of applicants and selecting the strongest one that meets the criteria set out in the job ad.

The benefit of including the Immigration Statement is that if the individual will not have the CRC award in hand prior to their appointment start date at UBC, we will be able to apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment.

If you have any questions regarding this or Canada Research Chairs please refer to the CRC page on the Provost’s website, or contact Linda Leathley at 604.827.1877 or

Advertisements for Academic Head of Unit

Advertisements for Heads of Academic units must be reviewed and approved by the Provost’s Office prior to posting. Where the posting is internal the ad should be emailed to the Provost’s Office as follows:

UBC Vancouver:
UBC Okanagan:

Where an external ad is required, the standard advertising process is followed – Professorial (and Head) appointment created in Position Management and is automatically routed to Faculty Relations and Provost’s Office for approvals.

Advertising Waivers

A reminder that requests to waive the advertising requirement for tenure stream positions should be emailed to both the Provost’s Office and Faculty Relations/Human Resources at the same time.  Faculty Relations/Human Resources will review the rationale for the request, consistency with Policy and 20 and any possible immigration-related issues.  The Provost’s Office will review and provide approval as applicable.

UBC Vancouver: Please use the following email address to request an advertising waiver:

UBC Okanagan: Please use the following email address to request an advertising waiver:

The waiving of term appointments is handling directly by Faculty Relations (UBC Vancouver) and Human Resources (UBC Okanagan).  If you have questions regarding this please contact the Senior Manager for your portfolio.

On an annual basis Faculty Relations will provide a report to the Board of Governor of advertisements waived.

Finance Support Program – Online Training Tool for Administrators

An online training program has been developed to help demystify the steps of Faculty job classification, recruitment and form completion. The training, which is part of the Finance Support Program – Payroll & Positions, is a combination of instructional videos, self-test questions and an appendix which highlights key documents and useful links. Whether you’re new to an administrator role or have been in the position for a while you will find benefit in this training tool. All you have to do is create an account on the Edx training platform – You will need to use your CWL username and ID. Select ‘Use my institution/campus credentials’, complete the one time setup, and then click on the link to enroll and view in the course. Questions can be directed to Faculty Relations or Ray McNichol.

UBC WorkBC Account – Troubleshooting Tips

Human Resources (UBC Vancouver) has a central UBC account with WorkBC, the Province of British Columbia’s job posting board. If you experience problems posting a position on WorkBC, please consider these troubleshooting tips:

  • When posting, try to avoid using Internet Explorer, instead use another browser (e.g. Firefox or Chrome). This should alleviate the issue on copying and pasting information into the job description field.
  • If uploading a document, type “see attached document” in the job description field to avoid having to duplicate work.
  • As the website is not yet updated to use the 2011 NOC codes, please use the 2006 NOC codes when posting a position. To access the 2006 NOC codes, please visit the Government of Canada’s NOC Code List (2006) website.

To add another departmental representative to the WorkBC account, please email Nicole Hogg. For questions regarding the content of job descriptions, please contact Faculty Relations. For other technical problems, please contact WorkBC.

For UBC Okanagan, Human Resources handles all WorkBC accounts centrally.

WorkBC Job Postings

As announced in the November 2014 Newsletter, UBC has one central account that is used for all job postings on WorkBC. Any departments seeking to post on WorkBC should contact Nicky Hogg, to gain access to the account. Please do not create new accounts for the purpose of posting UBC positions, as WorkBC will freeze that account until it can be merged with the main UBC account.