Study Leave is for Study or Research

A reminder that study leave is intended to permit a member of faculty to pursue study or research, of benefit to the individual and the University. During the period of leave faculty members should not be asked to take on additional duties, whether those duties are with pay or not.


A reminder to all regarding the policies and procedures for vacation time and vacation pay entitlement. The differences in entitlements for each group under the Faculty Relations umbrella are as follows:

  • Regular tenure stream faculty and Lecturers are entitled to one month of paid annual vacation leave each year.
  • Librarians and Program Directors entitlement varies depending on length of continuous service. For more information, please visit Policy HR5 – Vacations (formerly Policy #56).
  • Sessional Lecturers are entitled to 4% of gross earnings in lieu of vacation to be paid with the salary payment each payday. After five consecutive years of full-time equivalent service, vacation pay rises to 6% of gross earnings.
  • Research Associates and Postdoctoral Fellows may negotiate paid annual vacation entitlement with their supervisor and/or Department Head. At a minimum, they are entitled to paid annual vacation leave each year as per ss. 57 and 58 of the Employment Standards Act (ESA) which provides them the following:
    • After 12 consecutive months of employment, 2 weeks of leave with a total pay for that time being 4% of their total wages earned in the previous year.
    • After 5 consecutive years of employment, 3 weeks of leave with a total pay for that time being 6% of their total wages earned in the previous year.
  • Clinical and Adjunct Professors are generally not entitled to paid annual vacation leave as they are likely, by virtue of their profession, excluded from the ESA through operation of s. 31 of the Employment Standards Regulations (Regulations). However, please check the Regulations to determine whether the clinical or adjunct professor falls within the exception as it only applies to certain listed professions (e.g. architecture, law, and medicine). If the clinical or adjunct is not an excluded professional, their paid annual vacation entitlement is the same as for research associates and postdoctoral fellows.

Please note that departments must ensure that employees take their paid annual vacation.