Emeriti and Liability Insurance

Upon retirement, Faculty Members may continue to engage with the University to further contribute to their disciplines, their departments and UBC as a whole. Often, these retired Faculty Members may be granted the status of Professors Emeriti if eligible. However, Administrators and Department Heads must remember that the conferral of status does not create nor govern the relationship between a retired Faculty Member and UBC. One of the implications of this being that without an actual appointment, the relationship would not be covered by UBC’s Liability Insurance Policy. This would create a risk exposure for both retired Faculty Members and UBC. Therefore, Administrators and Department Heads must also process term appointments for Retired Faculty Members as Professor Emeriti if they will continue to perform work at UBC (paid or unpaid). As per Policy AP1 – Retired Faculty Appointments (formerly Policy #27), Emeriti may be appointed salaried or unsalaried appointments.

If a retired Faculty Member with a non-remunerated appointment is making voluntary contributions to UBC and on its behalf, they will fall within the scope of UBC’s Liability Insurance Policy as a Volunteer Worker. In the Policy a Volunteer Worker is defined as follows: “Volunteer Worker shall mean any person appointed by UBC to perform duties pertaining to student-related activities or to perform duties on behalf of UBC including participation on UBC committees. The Volunteer Worker must be non-salaried but may receive remuneration in the form of an honorarium, stipend or reimbursement of expenses.” As a Volunteer Worker, the retired Faculty Member would be covered by UBC’s Liability Insurance, both general (while performing duties on behalf of UBC) and professional (with respect to work performed under direct or indirect control of UBC). To ensure that UBC’s Insurer will classify a Faculty Member as a Volunteer Worker, it is important that a retired Faculty Member’s appointment letter expressly states that the position is without salary or benefit and identifies their expected duties. WorkSafeBC insurance is not available for volunteers, however UBC has an optional AD&D insurance policy that will provide coverage. For more information regarding the volunteer AD&D Insurance Policy, please connect with Risk Management Services at: www.rms.ubc.ca/insurance/insurance-programs/volunteer-insurance/.  Note that coverage must be arranged through the volunteers’ department administrator.

If a retired Faculty Member has a remunerated appointment and is providing services and contributions that are in substance of an employment nature, then they are not characterized as Volunteer Workers but rather are UBC employees. As an employee, a retired Faculty Member would be covered by UBC’s Liability Insurance Policy and WorkSafeBC in the same manner as all other UBC employees. For information regarding UBC’s liability insurance policies and scope of coverage, please visit: www.rms.ubc.ca/insurance.