Immigration update – IRCC Portal Guide for Offers of Employment

The How to Complete an Offer of Employment Guide created by Faculty Relations has recently been updated.  Administrators should refer to the updated version of the guide before they complete their next Offer of Employment on the Immigration, Citizenship & Refugees Canada (IRCC) Employer Portal.

In particular we would like to draw your attention to the Academic Exchange exemption for Visiting Faculty.  This exemption is applicable to individuals who hold a faculty appointment at another academic institution and the title provided to them at UBC, and reflected in the IRCC Offer of Employment should match that of their home institution. In some cases, for example that of Senior Lecturer, there is not a one to one match, but in most cases there should be.  Note that the title Visiting Scientist is not recognized by IRCC and does not normally fall under the Visiting Faculty exemption.  If you are inviting a researcher/scientist who does not hold an academic appointment elsewhere please contact Faculty Relations to discuss.

Offer Letters

The offer letter templates for tenure stream faculty and Librarians have recently been updated, and administrators should ensure they are using the most recent version of these letters.

Keep in mind that offer letters are binding contracts of employment and as such the templates have been created to ensure that they are enforceable and meet legislative and university requirements. Should a unit wish to make substantial changes to an offer letter they must seek input from the Dean’s Office and subsequently Faculty Relations (UBC Vancouver) or Human Resources (UBC Okanagan).  Any unit which uses a letter that has been changed and not pre-approved will be the responsibility of the unit in terms of legal consequences that may flow from the contractual terms (including legal fees and potential damages).

Lecturer Appointments and Offer Letters

Please keep in mind that any Lecturers who have not been appointed under the new Collective Agreement language need to be appointed with the updated template Offer Letter and go through probation (even if they have held a Lecturer position at the University for a year or more).  Any Lecturer being renewed post-probation can be appointed with this Lecturer Renewal template.   Generally any Lecturer appointed before August 15th 2017 has not undergone probation and must do so.

Joint Appointments: Promotion and Tenure Considerations

For those faculty members who are jointly appointed in more than one academic unit, it is important that the tenure and promotion process is documented and agreed upon by the hiring units prior to the individual faculty member’s start date. The tenure and promotion process can be found on the Faculty Relations website, and please refer to the Joint Appointment Checklist which can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word document from the Faculty Relations Joint Appointment page.

Senior Appointments Committee Deadline

Please be advised that the deadline for the 2016/2017 Senior Appointments Committee (SAC) cases is April 19th, 2017. This date is firm and is set in order for SAC to be able to review the submitted cases before their final meeting on June 23rd, 2017. Any cases submitted beyond the deadline will not be reviewed until the start of the 2017/2018 academic year in September. Please share this information with your departments, so they can plan accordingly.

New SAC Guide for 2016/2017

The Senior Appointments Committee (SAC) Guide to Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure at UBC has just been updated for the 2016/2017 year. The latest revisions and additions bring further clarity to the eligibility, application and review process for candidates in all tenure-track positions. The SAC Guide is updated each year based on input from all faculties at both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.

The Guide and a summary of this year’s updates are both available in PDF format online at: Tenure, Promotion & Reappointment for Faculty Members.

Visiting Professors, Scientists & Scholars: Reference Checks

Departments are reminded that the policies and procedures of the University apply to both paid and unpaid appointments as every individual at UBC is expected to observe, at all times, the highest professional standards.

Flowing from this point, prior to sending invitations to prospective visiting professors, scientists & scholars, departments must do their due diligence to ensure that the individual will be able to meet this high standard. Due diligence measures can include both formal and informal reference checks. Also, during the invitation process, it is helpful to keep in mind the UBC Respectful Environment Statement for Students, Faculty and Staff, which reflects the University’s core values of mutual respect, equity, and the promotion of a safe, caring, and respectful campus community.

Senior Appointments Committee (SAC) Deadline For 2015/2016 Year

A reminder that April 13, 2016, is the final submission date for SAC cases for the 2015/16 year. This date is to ensure that the committee will be able to review these cases before their final meeting on June 24, 2016. Any cases provide to Faculty Relations after this date will be pushed to the next year (excluding NEW cases). We have discontinued the practice of having additional meetings after June. To help with this, we ask that Department and Dean’s offices handle the trouble cases early and that you prioritize meetings on tenure and promotion.

HRMS Account Codes

A new account code has been created on HRMS specific to 12-Month Lecturers and is effective April 1, 2016. There are now three account codes used for Faculty salaries, and they are as follows:

  • 512000 for Tenure Stream Faculty (including Grant)
  • 521000 for Other Term Faculty (includes all other faculty appointment except 12-Month Lecturers),
  • 525000 for 12 Month Lecturers (includes both full-time and part-time appointments).

Payroll has already begun the process of converting the account codes for 12-Month Lecturer. Department administrators will need to update the position data in Position Management by April 1, 2016. Further information will be sent to Dean’s Offices shortly.

The Faculty Appointment Form has been updated to add the new code. Please ensure the current version is used when processing appointments.

Department Location Codes

Payroll wishes to remind Administrators of the significance of the 3-letter Work Location code (WORK LOC’N) on the Faculty Appointment Form (FAF) and how important that it is correct for each appointment. When entering this field on the FAF administrators need to choose the Location code that is specific to the individual appointment being processed on the FAF so that HRMS correctly reflects the individual’s work address. This is important as when mass mail-outs are done mail is sent to the address attached to the Work Location code recorded on HRMS. Payroll has noticed a very large volume of returns every time there is a mass mail-out. This is particularly problematic when the mass mail out is for the annual distribution of T4s and T4As or for the work/study permit reminders sent to foreign nationals. An error in the work location may result in individual’s not receiving these pieces of important mail. If you aware that the location code is incorrect for your faculty member please email the Faculty Service Rep to provide the correct 3-letter location code – please ensure to provide the member’s name and HRMS ID number. Remember that this 3-letter location code must be a valid value for your department.

Also a reminder that the four-letter Department Code (e.g. PSYT, ENGL, MECH, WOOD, OKMD) in Position Management must match the Department Code noted on Faculty Appointment Form and therefore on HRMS for the individual attached to that position. Incorrect information in Position Management will cause delays with the data entry of the appointment.

To find out which location code to use, or what address is mapped to a particular location code, Administrators can run HRMS Query 901 (Department Location Cross Ref). If the address for a Work Location code is no longer valid or has an error please email HR HRMS Support) to request an update.