Payroll Contacts For UBC Vancouver Faculty Have Changed

Please note that the contacts in Payroll have changed for Faculty appointments.  The updated list of Payroll representatives is found at,

Paperwork for Additional Duties

A reminder that whenever a faculty member takes on extra duties for which they will be paid this must be confirmed with the faculty member in writing.  Either a letter from the Head or an email exchange confirming the offer and acceptance is acceptable.

Benefits After Normal Retirement Date

Faculty members who continue to work past their Normal Retirement Date and have not commenced a retirement benefit with their Pension Plan funds can continue to access most benefits. NRD is the December 31 or June 30 following the member’s 65th birthday. Two benefits, Income Replacement Plan (coverage ends 6 months prior to your NRD) and Spousal Life Insurance automatically cease for all faculty and the following benefits continue:

  • Health Benefits (MSP, Ext Health & Dental)
  • Basic Group Life Insurance (benefit is reduced to 1x annual salary)
  • Optional Life Insurance (member only)
  • Faculty Pension Plan
  • Professional Development Reimbursement (PDR) Funds
  • Tuition Waiver

If a faculty members decides to access their Faculty Pension Plan funds after their Normal Retirement Date health and insurance benefits cease.  At the end of the calendar year in which a faculty member turns age 71 all benefits cease except tuition waivers and PDR Funds.  Faculty members can apply for the Post-Retirement and Survivor Benefits Program.

IRCC Offers of Employment Submitted by Departments

As necessary Department Administrators are able to submit Offers of Employment through the Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) portal for certain faculty positions These positions are Postdoctoral Fellows (NOC 4011), Clinical Fellows (NOC 3111) & Visiting Faculty (NOC 4011).. Any other appointments that require an IRCC Offer of Employment are to be submitted by Faculty Relations. When completing the online information please refer to the How to Complete Guide found on the Faculty Relations site and ensure that you are providing information that is up-to-date and consistent with the guide.

If you have questions about how to complete the form please email Faculty Relations Admin or HR Immigration Help.

Expiring Work Permits & December Break

Faculty members at UBC on a work permit and whose appointments will continue must renew their work permits in advance of the expiry date of their current permit. This is particularly important for those members on work permits that are expiring near the end of the year and who are considering leaving Canada during the December break.  Individuals who apply for an extension of their work permit prior to the expiry of the current one will normally have implied status. This means that UBC may continue to pay salary while the individual awaits their new work permit – note that implied status remains in place only if the individual remains in Canada. A faculty member leaving Canada while they do not have a valid work permit will not have implied status for work purposes and UBC will have to cease their salary and they must cease working until a positive decision on their application has been made.

Note that the current IRCC processing times for a new work permit for the same employer is 68 business days (approx. 3 months).

Should a faculty member leave Canada before they receive their new work permit they will no longer have implied status for work purposes, and UBC must cease paying them and the faculty member must cease working until a positive decision on their application has been made.  This will result in an interruption of pay until a new work permit is processed and approved and may impact their inability to return to Canada.  Administrators need to inform Faculty Relations/Human Resources immediately of such cases.

Questions regarding implied status and what happens should a foreign academic leave Canada should be directed to contact

We ask that administrators run HRMS Query #208 (EE_VISA_EXPIRATION_INFO) to view the work permit expiry information for their faculty members.

Further information on work permit renewal and implied status is found on the Faculty Relations immigration webpage.

Postdoctoral Fellow Appointments – Reminder of Degree Requirement

In order to hold a Postdoctoral Fellow appointment at UBC an individual must have their PhD, MD or DDS in hand before the start of the appointment. In the case of a PhD it must have been awarded no more than 5 years in advance of the appointment start date and for an MD or DDS the date of award may be up to 10 years in advance.

Often positions are offered to individuals prior to the completion of their PhD. While an offer can be made prior to completion the individual should have their PhD in hand by the time they arrive at UBC to take up their appointment.  In the rare circumstance where the PhD has not yet been awarded the individual must obtain a letter from the Dean of Graduate Studies at their university confirming that they have completed all the necessary requirements for their PhD.  Postdoctoral positions should not be offered to individuals who are still working on their PhD.

The Postdoctoral Fellows Offer Letters have been updated to reflect the PhD requirement.  Please ensure that you are using the up-to-date letters when making offers.

Promotion & Tenure Workshop – Research and EL Streams

9 a.m. Thursday, June 21, 2018

If you’re a faculty member coming up for tenure and/or promotion, this workshop is for you. Our speakers will guide you through all aspects of the tenure and promotion process at UBC. You’ll leave with a clear sense of how the process unfolds and your role in it. So please join us to ask questions, discuss concerns and share experiences.


  • Mark Schaller, Chair, Senior Appointments Committee
  • Mark Trowell, Senior Manager, Faculty Relations
  • Deena Rubuliak, Executive Director, UBC Faculty Association


To REGISTER for this workshop, please email the UBC Faculty Association at .

DATE & TIME: 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Thursday, June 21, 2018

LOCATION: Lecture Theatre 102, at Michael Smith Laboratories, 2185 East Mall.

Academic Leadership Development Program (ALDP) Registration for 2018/2019 Cohort Underway – UBC Vancouver

Administrators & Deans take note: now is the time to sign up your new academic leaders for the 2018/19 Academic Leadership Development Program (ALDP).

The Academic Leadership Development Program (ALDP) is an annual, cohort-based program sponsored by the Office of the Provost and open to all new Heads, Deans, Associate Deans and academic leaders in related roles at UBC Vancouver. The Program begins with the two-day intensive “Boot Camp, Part I: Getting Started as an Academic Leader at UBC” on August 27th & 28th, 2018. Over the course of the 2018/19 academic year, ALDP offers:

  • Two intensive “Boot Camps” in late August and early December, which focus on leadership fundamentals new academic leaders need in order to establish themselves well in their roles
  • Three workshops focusing on broad leadership topics such as “Engaging with conflict,” “Leading change,” and “Transitioning to Year Two”
  • Twelve breakfast- and lunch-time studios focusing on specific topics relevant to needs of academic leaders, such as “Cultivating effective faculty relations,” “Community engagement”, “Supporting research in your unit,” and “The changing landscape of teaching and learning”
  • Leadership styles assessment and an opportunity to receive reflective, individual feedback on leadership development, using an Appreciative Inquiry approach
  • Confidential, one-on-one executive coaching to support cohort members in identifying and achieving their leadership goals
  • Online learning modules accessible through the ALDP Canvas site

ALDP alumni have reported that the Program has helped them become more effective leaders and derive more personal satisfaction from their leadership roles.

Administrators, Heads, and Deans are encouraged to highlight and offer ALDP to faculty when recruiting for academic leadership positions. For questions about the Program and to enrol a new academic leader in the 2018/19 Program, please contact Julianna Chen, ALDP Program Manager, at or 604-827-2783. Further information about ALDP can also be found on the Program website,

Offer Letters

The offer letter templates for tenure stream faculty and Librarians have recently been updated, and administrators should ensure they are using the most recent version of these letters.

Keep in mind that offer letters are binding contracts of employment and as such the templates have been created to ensure that they are enforceable and meet legislative and university requirements. Should a unit wish to make substantial changes to an offer letter they must seek input from the Dean’s Office and subsequently Faculty Relations (UBC Vancouver) or Human Resources (UBC Okanagan).  Any unit which uses a letter that has been changed and not pre-approved will be the responsibility of the unit in terms of legal consequences that may flow from the contractual terms (including legal fees and potential damages).

Lecturer Appointments and Offer Letters

Please keep in mind that any Lecturers who have not been appointed under the new Collective Agreement language need to be appointed with the updated template Offer Letter and go through probation (even if they have held a Lecturer position at the University for a year or more).  Any Lecturer being renewed post-probation can be appointed with this Lecturer Renewal template.   Generally any Lecturer appointed before August 15th 2017 has not undergone probation and must do so.