There are times when a faculty member may be offered opportunities to work with other organizations or institutions. Under Policy SC3 – COI (formerly Policy #97), full-time faculty members may engage in Non-University Activities as long as these activities do not impede or compromise the fulfillment of their normal duties of employment with the University. Where the planned activities will impede or compromise the fulfillment of the normal duties of their employment, Heads of academic units should work with Faculty Relations to ensure these arrangements meet the provisions of the Collective Agreement and University policies and procedures.

On occasion, such arrangements may take the form of a secondment agreement in which the University, the faculty member and the seconding employer agree on the terms and conditions of the secondment. All draft secondment agreements must be reviewed with Faculty Relations prior to finalizing the agreement. Heads of academic units should also be aware that all such agreements require the review of University Counsel and the signature of two senior executives.

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