The information here is designed to guide you through the faculty appointment process, whether you’re appointing a new faculty member, or changing an existing faculty member’s appointment.

For the purposes of this website, “Faculty” includes both members and non-members of the Faculty Association, Librarians and Program Directors in Extended Learning.

To ensure that the appointment process goes smoothly, it’s important that the necessary forms are complete, and the information included is accurate.

New Appointments

Once the recruiting process for your new faculty member is complete, it’s time to process the appointment.

All new appointments and reappointments are processed on a Faculty Appointment Form, except for Sessional Lecturer appointments and reappointments which are processed using the Integrated Sessional Information System (ISIS).

Please review the documentation checklist to ensure that you are supplying all necessary paperwork to complete the appointment process.

We’ve also provided the following links to additional information that you will need to complete the forms properly.

Changing Appointments

Over the course of a faculty member’s career at UBC, their appointment will change from time to time. Here is some information on how the appointments may change, and the process to enact these changes.

Leaves of Absence

Salary Changes

PG Changes

Workload or Appointment Changes

Chairs and Professorships

Leaving UBC

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