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Term 2 Sessional Appointments

Faculty Relations reminds Heads and Administrators to ensure that appointments for Term 2 Sessional Lecturers are entered on ISIS by December 1. Copies of the offer letters must also be provided to Faculty Relations by that date as we are unable to approve appointments without first reviewing the offer letters.

Professional Development Reimbursement Eligible Expenses

Department Heads are reminded that when signing off on PDR claims they must ensure that the items claimed are eligible expenses; that is, they relate to the member’s teaching and scholarly activity. A list of eligible expenses under the PDR fund is found on the Faculty Relations PDR page.

Questions regarding item eligibility should be directed to Faculty Relations. Please also keep in mind that claims may be submitted up to 3 times per year only.

PDR Funds for Sessional Lecturers without Continuing Status

Sessional Lecturers without continuing status are eligible for PDR funds at a rate of $25 per credit course taught.

PDR fund entitlements for the summer term were calculated in August and were based on summer term credits as of August 15.

PDR fund entitlements for the winter term will be calculated in October and are based on the credits taught by the Sessional as of October 15.

To apply for PDR funds, a completed Professional Development Reimbursement Claim Form approved by the Head of academic unit must be submitted to the PDR clerk in Financial Services. All expenses must be shown on the form and all receipts must be attached. Questions regarding balances and claims can be directed to the PDR desk at 604-822-2044 or pdr@finance.ubc.ca.

Sessional Lecturers should allow approximately two weeks from the date of assessment for the PDR fund to be reflected on their PDR record.

For more information, please see the Faculty Relations webpage on PDR funds for Sessional Lecturers without continuing status.

Fall 2011 Tenure and Promotion Workshop for Faculty

Faculty Relations would like to remind faculty members about the Fall 2011 Tenure and Promotion Workshop. At UBCV the workshop will be held on November 15, 2011. A workshop was held at UBCO on September 30, 2011. The purpose of this Workshop is to provide faculty members with an understanding of the tenure and promotion process at UBC.

An email will be sent shortly to faculty members and to the Faculties identifying the time and location of the UBCV Workshop. Please stay tuned for this update and we hope to see everyone there.

Work Permit Renewal for Faculty Leaving Canada during the December Break

Faculty Relations would like to remind faculty members employed at UBC on a work permit which is nearing expiry, to renew their work permit as early as possible if they are intending to leave the country during the December break.

Should a faculty member’s work permit expire without them having submitted an application for renewal, they will be ineligible for implied status. This may result in an interruption of pay and/or inability to return to Canada (if they are out of the country) until a new work permit is processed and approved.

For more information about work permit renewal and implied status, please visit the Faculty Relations immigration webpage.

Tenure and Promotion Files

All candidates intending to be reviewed for tenure and promotion in the current academic year must have provided their file for review by September 15, 2011.

Given that candidate files have been submitted and that the Senior Appointments Committee (SAC) is reviewing cases, Faculty Relations would like to remind Heads and Administrators to begin working on their tenure and promotion files and send them to the Dean’s office by November if possible.

Retirement Options Agreement Extended

The Faculty Association and the University have agreed to continue the three retirement options set out in Letter of Understanding 3 re Retirement Options. These have been appended to the 2010-2012 Agreement on the Framework for Collective Bargaining.
In order to be eligible for these retirement options, a faculty member must:

  1. be a tenure stream faculty member, program director or librarian, or full-time 12-Month Lecturer;
  2. be at least 60 years old and have at least 10 years of full-time continuous service to the University; and
  3. understand that by entering into an option that it constitutes irrevocable notice to retire.

Option 1 is phased-in retirement. This option permits the retiring faculty member to gradually reduce their workload over a maximum of four years. These four years typically consist of a one-year notice period and three years of graduated reduced workload.

Option 2 is a part-time appointment. This option permits the retiring faculty member to have a part-time appointment consisting of either a:

  1. full-time appointment for part of the academic year or;
  2. part-time appointment for the entire academic year.

This option is for a maximum of five years. Typically this consists of a one-year notice period and a four-year part-time appointment.

Option 3 is a reduced scope appointment. This option permits the retiring faculty member, with the approval of the Head and the Dean, to reduce the scope of their duties by reducing their contributions in one area of their duties and possibly increasing it in others. This option is for a maximum of five years. Typically this consists of one year of notice period and four years of a reduced scope appointment.

For more information about these three options, please see the Faculty Relations Easing into Retirement webpage.

Retirement Counselling Reimbursement

Faculty Association members are eligible for a one time reimbursement of up to 3 hours (to a maximum of $750) of retirement counseling.  This reimbursement may be only used for retirement counseling services. Claims must be submitted to Faculty Relations within 12 months of the counseling. For more information and to request a reimbursement, please refer to the Retirement Counselling Reimbursement Claim Form.

Vacation Entitlement for Term Appointees

Under the Employment Standards Act employees who hold term appointments (such as Research Associates and PDFs) are entitled to a minimum of 2 weeks vacation. After completion of five years of employment, an employee is entitled to a minimum of three weeks of vacation.

Benefits for Non-University Funded (NUF) Postdoctoral Fellows (PDFs)

As of September 1, 2011 PDFs who receive their funding directly from a source external to UBC (i.e. NUF) are eligible for benefits listed under Benefit/Payroll Enrollment package FEP012. In order to be eligible for these benefits NUF PDFs must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. have an appointment on HRMS of at least one year in length at 50% time or higher;
  2. be in receipt of monthly external earnings which meet the salary minimum for benefits enrolment (currently $1,324);
  3. have proof of award and earnings; and
  4. have a valid Canadian Social Insurance Number.

The benefits under FEP012 include extended health, dental and employee and family assistance. NUF PDFs are also in entitled to sick leave as well as maternal, parental and adoptive leave. More information about leaves for NUF PDFs can be found on the UBC Human Resources webpage on leaves.

New Guidelines

New guidelines clarifying the Professor of Teaching rank and the Streamlined Appointment Process for Senior Faculty Appointments are available on the Faculty Relations website. Any questions regarding these new guidelines may be directed to Bekkah Coburn, Faculty Relations Advisor, at Bekkah.Coburn@ubc.ca or 604.822.4480

For UBCO please contact George Athans at George.athans@ubc.ca or Pauline Brandes at Pauline.brandes@ubc.ca for information about voting on ranks in keeping with the Memorandum of Agreement for the Okanagan campus.

UBC Employment Equity Statement and Faculty Recruitment Advertisements

Faculty Relations would like to remind Heads and Administrators to include the UBC Employment Equity statement in all Faculty recruitment advertisements. We encourage you to use the Employment Equity Statement as found on the right sidebar of the UBC HR Faculty Careers webpage.

UBC HR: Health Promotion Workshop Proposals

UBC HR offers Healthy UBC Initiatives, a program that provides staff and faculty free, one hour lunchtime workshops focused on the promotion of health and well-being at the University.

UBC HR would like to expand the program in the future. To this end, UBC HR is requesting workshop presentation proposals from members of the University community who are involved in research concerning health and well-being.

For more information about the request for proposals, please see the HR Memorandum on the UBC HR website. Questions can also be directed to Suzanne Jolly, Health Promotion Coordinator, at suzanne.jolly@ubc.ca or 604-822-8762.

UBC HR: 2011 Workplace Experiences Survey

Faculty Relations would like to encourage faculty members to share their experiences at UBC by completing the 2011 Workplace Experiences Survey. The survey asks questions about opportunities for advancement, leadership, workloads, communications, and change in the workplace. Specifically for faculty members, questions about tenure and promotion, research and teaching support are also included.

Feedback from faculty members is very valuable as this survey will be used to help with strategic planning and decisions about future programs and initiatives, both within the Faculty, and the department as well as the University overall. Decisions and choices are highly influenced by the input captured in the survey, so make sure your feedback is heard and take the survey.

The survey is set to release on November 1, 2011 and will be open until November 18, 2011. It can be accessed at the UBC Focus on People website. It takes about 15 minutes to complete and faculty members are welcome to complete the survey during their regular work day. All responses are completely anonymous and confidential.

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