Faculty Relations Newsletter: November 2012

In This Issue

  1. Unspent Professional Development Reimbursement Funds
  2. ERecruit Update
  3. Continuing Status Report in ISIS
  4. Offer Letters
  5. Travel and Expense New Format
  6. SAC Guide Update
  7. 2012 Faculty Collective Bargaining Update
  8. Workflow Requirements & Emeriti Appointments
  9. Work Permit Renewal for Faculty Leaving Canada during the December Break
  10. Hosting a Company Party?
  11. Vancouver Housing Assistance
  12. Faculty Relations Office News

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Unspent Professional Development Reimbursement Funds

A reminder, that as of June 30, 2013, unused Professional Development Reimbursement (PDR) monies earned by or allocated to faculty members for the year of July 1, 2008, to June 30, 2009, will expire.

Eligible members of the faculty bargaining unit may carry forward unused entitlement from PDR for four years.  After four years, unclaimed or unused PDF are forfeited. This means that claims for funds earned in 2008/2009 not received by the PDR Clerk by the cut-off date of June 30, 2013, will be denied and not processed on the basis that they are out of time.

Members, with the exception of Sessional Lecturers, can view their balance online via the UBC Faculty & Staff self-service portal.

Sessional Lecturers should contact the PDR Clerk at pdr@finance.ubc.ca to find out their entitlement.

Further information on the PDR fund can be found on the Faculty Relations’ website.

Administrators can also access the PDR Summary Statement of faculty members in their unit online by running HRMS Query #40.

We ask that you run the report and remind those faculty members who have not used their outstanding 2008/2009 funds to do so before June 30, 2013.

ERecruit Update

ERecruit for staff went live in 2009 and will be going live with faculty eRecruit within the next several months in Vancouver. Thank you to our Vancouver pilot faculties, Science and Applied Science, who provided valuable feedback which has resulted in the system being updated to better accommodate faculty recruitments.

Continuing Status Report in ISIS

A reminder, that there are two reports in ISIS that can be run by Administrators that will provide the list of sessional lecturers who do and do not yet have Continuing Status.  Either report can be run at any time to see what the FTE is for each Sessional.  Administrators should be running the CS=N report before each term – so now is a good time to run the report and confirm the status of the Sessionals within your unit.

Offer Letters

Updates have been made to the offer letter templates on the Faculty Relations website. Please ensure that you are using the updated versions for each campus.

Offer letters containing signing bonuses will not be approved by the Provost. If recruitment incentives are necessary, please find other ways to offer additional assistance to the candidate. For instance, additional start-up funding or additional relocation funding would be acceptable. If you have any questions about financial recruitment incentives or how to word these offers, please contact Bekkah Coburn in Faculty Relations in Vancouver (604.822.4480 or bekkah.coburn@ubc.ca).  At UBC Okanagan, contact George Athans, Manager HR, 250.807.8622 or george.athans@ubc.ca.

Travel and Expense New Format

UBC is simplifying the way faculty and staff purchase and pay for “low dollar value” goods, services and travel. Beginning in the spring of 2013, UBC will introduce a new UBC VISA Card, a widely accepted credit card worldwide, to replace the current P-Card and Amex cards, and eliminate the need for out-of-pocket expenses. Additionally, a self-service tool, the Online Payment Tool (OPT), will provide faculty and staff with step-by-step instructions to reconcile credit card charges, request reimbursement, group travel expenses, pay a vendor, request centrally funded professional development and access other features not currently available with the paper processes in place today.

Benefits for faculty include faster and more efficient reimbursement; pre-populated credit card data for quicker reconciliations; ability to attach digital receipts; elimination of the need to collect original signatures; electronic routing of submissions automatically to designated approvers and signing authorities; and increased visibility of your claim and approval status 24×7.  Following the campus pilot in early 2013, the remainder of the campus will follow a staged rollout. Visit the T&E website for more information.

SAC Guide Update

The Guide to Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Procedures at UBC (the “SAC Guide”) has now been updated for 2012/13.   A number of revisions have been made to the Guide. The Guide and a summary of this year’s revisions are on the Faculty Relations website.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Mark Trowell, Senior Manager with Faculty Relations, by phone at 604.822.9725 or by email at mark.trowell@ubc.ca. At UBC Okanagan, contact George Athans, Manager HR, 250.807.8622 or george.athans@ubc.ca.

2012 Faculty Collective Bargaining Update

As noted in the July newsletter, the University and the Faculty Association were to meet in October to continue negotiations for a new faculty collective agreement. The parties did meet on four occasions in October, but were not able to reach an agreement. The issues in dispute will now be moved to a third-party, arbitration panel for determination.  The parties have agreed to start the process of interest arbitration in the first week of February 2013. For more information, please visit the Bargaining Bulletin #48 webpage.

The Faculty Collective Agreement expired on June 30, 2012. Without a new Collective Agreement in place, Progress Through the Ranks increases (i.e. CPI, merit and PSA) will not be implemented and are on hold until a new agreement is in place.

Workflow Requirements & Emeriti appointments

With the implementation of the new electronic approval system, appointments on HRMS are required for emeriti faculty who continue to have research grants or supervise postdoctoral fellows.  By providing an appointment this will enable the emeritus faculty member to be part of electronic approvals.

Work Permit Expiry/Renewal during the December Break

Faculty Relations would like to remind faculty members employed at UBC on a work permit which is nearing expiry, to renew their work permit as early as possible if they are intending to leave the country during the December break.

Should a faculty member’s work permit expire without them having submitted an application for renewal, they will be ineligible for implied status. This may result in an interruption of pay and/or inability to return to Canada (if they are out of the country) until a new work permit is processed and approved.

We encourage administrators to run HRMS Query #29 to view the work permit expiry information for their faculty members.

For more information about work permit renewal and implied status, please visit the Faculty Relations immigration webpage.

Hosting a Company Party?

Thanks to the law firm of Norton Rose, for their guide to planning a holiday party and points to keep in mind for social functions:

  • Be inclusive and keep festivities non-denominational.
  • Make it clear that attendance is entirely voluntary and non-participation will not be noted in any way.
  • Be aware of the conduct of all employees – intervene if conduct becomes inappropriate and follow up on complaints of harassment that are made after the party;
  • Assign supervisors and managers to monitor the festivities during the event and enable them to “cut off” the service of alcohol or require an employee to take a taxi home;
  • Place controls on alcohol consumption;
  • Send a clear message that the holiday party is a work-related activity and that inappropriate conduct at the party may give rise to discipline or termination;
  • Implement and circulate a policy for social events in advance of the party and ensure that any policies on harassment in the workplace specify their application at social events.

For more details visit the what employers should remember when hosting company parties article, prepared by Norton Rose.

Vancouver Housing Assistance

Full-time faculty members, librarians, program directors in Continuing Studies and senior management staff members of UBC Vancouver may be eligible to apply for the UBC Housing Assistance Program to assist in purchasing their principal home in Metro Vancouver. As of October, 2012, the criteria has changed to allow the purchase to be within the 10-year period following the start date of initial University appointment in an eligible rank or within six months prior to that start date. For more details consult the Faculty Relations website.

Faculty Relations Office News

UBC Vancouver Portfolio Information

Responsibility for issues and questions regarding faculty members (such as performance concerns, tenure and promotion, etc.) is divided between the two Senior Managers in Faculty Relations, as follows:

Maureen Webb: Maureen is responsible for the Faculties of Applied Science, Dentistry, Forestry, Land and Food Systems, Science and Sauder, and the Library. Maureen can be reached at maureen.webb@ubc.ca or 604.822.2180

Mark Trowell: Mark is responsible for the Faculties of Arts, Education, Law, Medicine, and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Mark can be reached at mark.trowell@ubc.ca or 604.822-.725.

For more information on our staff, please visit the Faculty Relations website.

Staffing changes

Faculty Relations thanks Kailey Patton for her warmth, dedicated efforts, and wonderful service over the last two years. Kailey is leaving her role as the Receptionist for Faculty Relations to join the Service Centre team in Human Resources. We wish her all the best in her new position.  We will be posting shortly for Kailey’s replacement.

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