Faculty Relations Newsletter: March 2011

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2010 & 2011 Faculty Salary Increases

The salary increases for July 2010 were paid on the March 15, 2011 paycheque. Increases paid were Career Progress, Merit and PSA – there was no general wage increase for 2010.

The 2011 increase process has begun and it is expected that the 2011 increases (including CPI, Merit and PSA, remembering there is no general salary increase for 2011) will be processed in time for the July 15, 2011 paycheque.

Faculty Annual Reports Due

The crocuses are in bloom and the birds are singing; spring is almost here! As such, this is a reminder that annual reports from all regular faculty members (excluding sessionals) must be provided to the Faculty Head or Director by the end of March 2011.

Changes to the Collective Agreement

The revised Collective Agreement including the changes agreed to in the last round of bargaining is coming soon to the Faculty Relations website and will be sent out to everyone on the Faculty Relations listserve. In the meantime, for information on the changes to the language of the faculty Collective Agreement, please refer to the Summary of Changes and the full Memorandum of Settlement, both of which are available from the Faculty Relations homepage.

Important Immigration Changes

Regulatory changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) come into effect on April 1, 2011. According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), these changes are intended to ensure that employers comply with the TFWP and that Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs) are treated fairly. Failure to comply with the new regulations could result in a two year ban on hiring TFWs, so these changes have important implications for the University and must be followed. Highlights of the changes include:

More rigorous assessment

Job offers will be more rigorously assessed, regardless of whether they require a Labour Market Opinion or are exempt.

4-year Cap on Work Permits

TFWs will only be allowed a work permit for a maximum of four years at a time, after which they will be required to wait for four years before becoming eligible for another work permit. CIC will begin to count the four years as of April 1, 2011. CIC has indicated that work permits issued under some exemptions will not be limited to the 4-year cap. It is likely that academic positions will be exempt from the 4-year work permit limit, but this has yet to be confirmed.

For more details on the changes to the TFWP, please refer to CIC’s information page regarding changes to the TFWP. We will continue to update you as we receive information from CIC.

Permanent Resident Visa

Full-time UBC faculty members who are not citizens or permanent residents of Canada are responsible for applying for and obtaining a Permanent Resident Visa (PRV) in order to maintain their employment in Canada. For more information on the Permanent Residency Application Process and links to the CIC application webpages, please refer to the FR website.

School Fees for Non-Canadians

This is a reminder that in order for the children of foreign academics to attend a school under the Vancouver School Board without paying tuition, the following conditions must be met:

  1. the child’s parent/legal guardian must have a valid work permit issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) that is valid for a term of one year or more, AND
  2. the name of the employer where the parent/legal guardian is working must be stated on the permit, AND
  3. the child’s parent/legal guardian must be residing in British Columbia.

If the work permit is for less than a year, provincial education funding is not available (www.vsb.bc.ca/district-policy/jecba-admission-exchange-and-foreign-students), and parents are required to pay international student fees for their children to attend a public school.

In addition to an application fee of $100, parents will be charged $1,200/month for elementary and secondary students. International students are also required to join the Vancouver School Board group medical insurance plan at a cost of $800 per year.

Information regarding the Vancouver School Board’s registration policies can be found at http://vsb.bc.ca/school-registration-faq.

Information regarding international student fees can also be found on the VSB website.

The Central Okanagan School District has an identical fee structure to that of the Vancouver School Board. Information regarding the International Education Program can be found at http://www.internationaleducation.ca.

Similar policies exist at school boards across the Lower Mainland. Parents living outside of Kelowna or Vancouver are encouraged to consult with their individual school board to confirm eligibility requirements and fee structures.

Pay Equity

In January 2010, two Working Groups sponsored by the Provost (UBCV) and the Faculty Association began examining pay equity for full-time tenure track professors at UBC Vancouver. Both groups recently released their reports, which contain a number of important findings and recommendations.

The report from the DATA (Pay Equity Analysis and Resolution) Working Group, whose mandate focused on a quantitative analysis of gender-related pay inequity, can be found on the FR website, under the News section on the front page.

The SMART (Structural Measures and Resolution Tactics) Working Group was charged with the task of designing mechanisms and processes to address some of the structural causes of pay inequities. Their report can also be found on the FR website, under the News section on the front page.

Immediate steps are being undertaken by the Provost (UBCV) to implement the recommendations, with a view to both short term and long term strategies.

Tenure and Promotion Workshops

Faculty Relations and the UBC Faculty Association are pleased to present a Tenure and Promotion Workshop for faculty members who plan to be reviewed for tenure and/or promotion this fall. The presentation is geared towards those faculty who are tenure track and those interested in promotion. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss concerns with the following presenters:

  • Dr. David Farrar, Provost and Vice President Academic
  • Dr. Nancy Langton, (Sauder School of Business)
  • President, UBC Faculty Association
  • Susan Boyd, (Law) Chair, UBC Senior Appointments Committee (SAC)
  • Fran Watters, Director, Faculty Relations
  • Mark Trowell, Senior Manager, Faculty Relations

The workshop for faculty members will be held on Tuesday, April 12th, from 1 pm to 3 pm in the Henry Angus Building, Room 491 (at 2053 Main Mall).

As seating for this event is limited, please RSVP no later than April 5th by submitting your full name, department and rank to faculty@interchange.ubc.ca.

A Tenure and Promotion Workshop for Heads/Directors and Administrators will be held on Thursday, May 19th, from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm in the David Lam Building, Room 142 (at 6326 Agricultural Road). Mark Trowell and Fran Watters will be the presenters for this workshop.

As seating for this event is limited, please RSVP no later than May 5th by submitting your full name and faculty to larkar@exchange.ubc.ca.

Amendments to Policy #22 – Heads of Academic Units

The Board of Governors recently approved significant changes to University Policy #22 – Appointments and Extensions of Appointments for Heads of Academic Units. The revised policy includes language on the role and responsibilities of a Head, the appointment and extension process and the terms for these appointments including administrative leaves, stipends, etc. Faculty Relations is in the process of updating its website to reflect these changes. In the meantime, refer to UBC’s policies to read the revised policy. Please note that Policy #21 remains unchanged, and is still applicable to the appointment of Deans and Principals.

Talking to a faculty member when the UBCFA is involved in the dispute

Under the new language in Article 21, Grievances & Arbitration Procedures, a Head/Director or a Dean/Principal/University Librarian is no longer able to talk with a faculty member about an issue or dispute when the FA is involved, either directly or indirectly. To trigger this language, the FA must first phone or email either Faculty Relations or Human Resources (depending on the campus) and so advise the office, that they are involved. Then FR or HR in turn, will advise (via email, so there is written confirmation) the Head/Dean/etc that the FA is involved and the Head/Dean can no longer talk directly with the faculty member about any aspect of the dispute.

Increase in Professional Development Reimbursement (PDR) Funds

As a result of the recently ratified agreement between the University and the Faculty Association, PDR funds will increase to $1,100 per annum, with a five year accrual period, effective July 1, 2011 for eligible faculty (including Sessional Lecturers with Continuing Status). This is an increase of $600 and an additional two years of accrual as compared to the last agreement (note though that the 5 year accrual period is not retroactive). For more information about eligibility, accrual and borrowing ahead and the procedures to submit a claim for reimbursement, go to the FR website.

Administrators are reminded that they can access the PDR Summary Statement of faculty members in their unit online by running HRMS query #40.

PDR funds for Sessional Lecturers without Continuing Status

The recently ratified agreement also provides PDR funds for Sessional Lecturers without Continuing Status. Entitlement is $25 per credit course taught. For the 2010/2011 academic year, entitlement to PDR fund reimbursement will be based on confirmed teaching assignments for the Winter Term Two. These funds may be accrued for two years. Previously, Sessionals without Continuing Status were not eligible for PDR funds. Individual letters providing details of entitlement were mailed recently to those Sessionals Lecturers without Continuing Status who are eligible for PDR.

Reminder to Administrators Regarding Sessional Lecturers without Continuing Status

Administrators are reminded of the importance of monitoring the Full Time Equivalency (FTE) months of service for Sessional Lecturers without continuing status. Keeping current details on Sessionals’ FTE allows Heads and Directors to make informed decisions about recruitment planning for both regular faculty and all Sessionals. In addition, this information is used to manage financial resources and course assignments.

Administrators should make note of the pre-existing FTE when they input a new appointment for a Sessional Lecturer without continuing status and pass this information on to Heads and Directors.

For details on how to calculate FTE service for Sessional Lecturers, please see the calculating years in rank information on the Faculty Relations website.

Faculty Pension Plan Open House

The Faculty Pension Plan is hosting an open house in May. Plan members will have the opportunity to meet the trustees and staff of the Plan, hear presentations on the Plan’s performance in 2010 and discuss initiatives for 2011. Light refreshments will be served.

When: Wednesday, May 25, 2011 from 10:30 to 12:30 pm.

Where: Ponderosa centre – Arbutus Room, 2071 West Mall (at University Boulevard).

Please RSVP by May 18, 2011 to pensions@hr.ubc.ca or call 604-822-8100.

Healthy UBC Blog

It is around now when our New Year’s resolutions start to run out of steam. If improving your health was on your to-do list this year, check out the Healthy UBC Blog. Written by Suzanne Jolly, Health, Safety and Environment Coordinator (Health Promotion Programs) for UBC’s Department of Health, Safety and Environment, and Anna Lidstone, Senior Writer in the UBC Development Office, the blog is an excellent resource for people wondering how to make healthy changes to their everyday lives. A neat feature is their “Food of the Month”, which showcases in-season fruits and vegetables and provides recipes that allow you to introduce these beneficial foods to your friends and family.

Update on Benefits for Postdoctoral Fellows (PDFs)

Faculty Relations has been meeting with key stakeholders regarding changes to the maternity, parental and adoptive leave benefits available to PDFs. These changes have not been formalized yet, but departments should be aware of the proposed provisions, which will be funded out of the Extraordinary Expense Fund (EEF), based on contributions from PDF employees and departments:

  • Up to 27 weeks of paid maternity/parental/adoptive leave for PDF award recipients (who are paid through UBC); and
  • Up to five months of sick leave for PDF employees and award recipients.

Faculty Relations will keep you posted on the finalization of these changes in upcoming newsletters.

Welcome to Kailey Patton, Faculty Relations and University Counsel Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Faculty Relations welcomes Kailey Patton, the newest addition to our team. Kailey grew up in Vancouver. Before coming to UBC, she worked in the film industry as a casting assistant. If you ask nicely, she might share her knowledge about Vancouver actors. So far, Kailey’s favourite aspect of working at UBC is how friendly everyone is. She is looking forward to walks in the sunshine, when it finally comes back! Kailey can be reached at 604-822-1897 or kaileyp@exchange.ubc.ca.

Note that the Newsletter is provided for guidance only. For questions about specific issues or cases, please contact a member of Faculty Relations. If there is a conflict or inconsistency between what is reported in the Newsletter and the Collective Agreement or University policy, the latter prevails. Note that information in the Newsletter is subject to change. If you are reading a past issue of the Newsletter check the Faculty Relations website to ensure that the information is still correct.

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