Faculty Relations Newsletter: April 2013

In this issue

  1. Faculty Relations Staffing Changes
  2. UBC’s Pay Equity Initiative
  3. Postdoctoral Fellow Benefit Coverage Funding
  4. Collective Bargaining Update
  5. Progress through the Ranks Pay Increases
  6. Immigration Updates
  7. Professional Development Reimbursement Funds
  8. Faculty eRecruit
  9. Sessional Lecturer Summer Appointments

Faculty Relations Staffing Changes

Faculty Relations welcomes two new staff members, Vanessa Franklin and Aven Bendickson.

Vanessa joined our team in January as our new receptionist, replacing Kailey Patton. Aven Bendickson is our new Assistant Manager as of February, replacing Rhea Ravanera.

Vanessa has significant experience in administrative support working primarily in health-related positions. Aven comes to us from the Department of Botany where she was most recently the HR manager.

UBC’s Pay Equity Initiative

In December 2012, the Faculty Association and the University signed a memorandum of understanding to address the identified pay equity issue for faculty attributable to gender.  This agreement ensures that both parties will continue working together to
implement best practice measures such as ensuring
both parties will continue working together to implement best practice measures such as ensuring starting salaries are gender equitable; implementing equitable practices in recruitment, retention, promotion, and merit; establishing mentoring programs; and ensuring comprehensive monitoring of all gender equity measures across faculties.

This agreement also provides for a 2 per cent salary adjustment to base academic salary retroactive to July 1st 2010, for all current full-time female faculty members in a tenure-track, grant or tenured position (Instructor I, Senior Instructor, Professor of Teaching, Instructor II, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor). For female faculty hired after July 1, 2010, the increase was applied retroactively to their start date. This salary increase was paid on female faculty members’ February 28, 2013 paycheque.

In accordance with UBC’s commitment to equity and requirement to adhere to the B.C. Human Rights Code, UBC has been working with the Faculty Association since 2007 to identify equity issues and implement these improvements.

For additional information, please visit the Faculty Association, UBCV and UBCO Provosts’ websites for the Pay Equity joint committees’ reports and a FAQ document.

Postdoctoral Fellow Benefit Coverage Funding

Faculty Relations would like to remind department heads and supervising faculty members of the need to ensure that the necessary funding is in place for benefits coverage prior to hiring a Postdoctoral Fellow.

Postdoctoral fellows who receive earnings from UBC are eligible for health benefits including Extended Health, Dental, and the Employee and Family Assistance Program, providing that (1) they have an appointment for at least one year, (2) the appointment is for a minimum of 50%, and 3) they meet the minimum salary requirement (currently $1,342/month) for the position.

Postdoctoral Fellows who receive external funding (ie from a funding source other than the University) may also be eligible for benefit coverage providing they meet the above requirements and also have a valid Canadian Social Insurance Number. This includes external funding paid as fellowship earnings via UBC and funds paid directly to the Postdoctoral Fellow. Please refer to the Faculty Relations website for additional information on postdoctoral fellow benefit eligibility requirements.

Collective Bargaining Update

The University and the Faculty Association were scheduled to meet for 5 days of arbitration with Arbitrator Colin Taylor Q.C. on February 5, 2013. Unfortunately, Mr. Taylor was unable to attend the meetings due to illness and the arbitration has been rescheduled for the first week of June, 2013.  The parties have agreed to meet in a mediation session with the Arbitrator on April 13 and 14, 2013.

The University remains committed to finding an agreement that works for all parties, including UBC faculty, and falls within the mandate set by the Provincial Government and the Employee Relations Committee of the Board. For further information, please refer to the Faculty Bargaining webpage.

Progress through the Ranks Pay Increases Notice

The UBC Faculty Collective Agreement expired on June 30, 2012. Without a new Collective Agreement in place, progress through the ranks (PTR) increases (ie. Career Progress Increments, Merit Awards and Performance Salary Adjustments) would have been put on hold until a new Collective Agreement was signed. As mentioned above, the arbitration process has been delayed and is now scheduled for the first week of June, 2013. The arbitrator’s decision may not be available for some time, and because of normal processing requirements, the PTR increases would be unlikely to be received until November 2013 at the earliest.

The University and the Faculty Association have agreed that this time frame is too long and not in the best interests of faculty members. Accordingly, the University and the Faculty Association have signed a memorandum of understanding that provides that the University will immediately start the process of implementing the July 1, 2012 PTR increases.

We expect to process the increases by the end of May.

Immigration Updates

Advertising of Employment Postings

Faculty Relations would like to remind departments of the need to make copies of all employment advertisements on the first and last day of the posting.  In the case of both new hires and reappointments of term positions, Service Canada requires proof of the dates that the advertisement was posted, so please ensure that there is a printed copy with a date stamp on showing both the first and last day of the employment posting.

Provincial Nominee Program Update

Faculty members applying for Permanent Resident status under the Provincial Nominee Program are applying under the Skilled Worker stream.  Under this program applicants must have work experience in their field. Individuals who have received their PhD less than two years prior to starting at UBC may be required to wait two years before applying to gain the necessary experience.

For more information about UBC’s Provincial Nominee Program, please see the Faculty Relations website.

Foreign Visiting Faculty

Please remember that faculty holding Visitor appointments who are non-Canadian and are issued a Visitor Permit rather than a Work Permit must arrange for medical coverage either in their home country or through a private insurance agency.

In addition, remember that only those appointees being paid by the University need to apply for a Social Insurance Number.

If you are extending a visitor’s appointment, you must provide a new letter of invitation far enough in advance for the individual to extend his or her visa – we suggest at least about 3 months. Please keep in mind that Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) limits appointments for visiting faculty member to 2 years.

Professional Development Reimbursement Funds

A reminder that unused PDR funds earned in 2008/2009 must be used and submitted for processing by June 30th or forfeited by the individual. Eligible members of the faculty bargaining unit may carry forward unused entitlement from PDR for a maximum of 5 years.  Claims for funds earned in 2008/2009 not received by Payment & Procurement Services (PPS) by the cut-off date of June 30th, 2013 will be forfeited by the individual.

Members, with the exception of Sessional Lecturers, can view their balance online. Sessional Lecturers should contact the PDR Clerk at pdr@finance.ubc.ca to review their entitlement.

Further information on the PDR fund can be found on the Faculty Relations website.

Administrators can also access the PDR Summary Statement of faculty members in their unit online by running HRMS Query #40.

Faculty eRecruit

Faculty eRecruit is being rolled out across both campuses and we expect all units to be using the eRecruit system by the end of June.  The roll-out waves are as follows:

  • Wave 1 (February): Applied Science, Medicine, Library.
  • Wave 2 (April): Sauder, Law, Land & Food Systems, Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Wave 3 (early May): UBC Okanagan (all faculties)
  • Wave 4 (late May): Arts, Education, Forestry, Dentistry, Science

Further information on faculty eRecruit can be found on the UBC Human Resources website.

Summer Sessional Lecturer Appointments

A reminder that Sessional Lecturer appointments for the summer session should all be entered by now to ensure paycheques for May 15. Please remember that while appointments should match the course dates, since the summer term starts on May 13 this year we are allowing earlier start dates, but no earlier than May 6.  There must be a definite break between the end of the winter term 2 appointment, and the start of the summer appointment. End of appointment dates can be extended to allow time for exams and marking.

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