Benefits Available to Faculty Members

UBC offers a wide range of benefits to faculty members as part of their total compensation package (along with salary and pension). For details on these benefits, click on the list to the right.

For the purposes of benefits administration, “Faculty” includes both members and non-members of the Faculty Association, Academic Executive staff, Librarians and Program Directors in Continuing Studies.

Check Your Benefits Eligibility

New Hires

The benefits you are eligible for and when they come into effect may depend on the length and type of your faculty appointment, whether you meet minimum salary requirements, and whether you were hired prior to or after your Normal Retirement Date (“NRD”) (i.e. the June 30th or December 31st coincident with or following the date you turn age 65).

You can check the benefits eligibility for newly hired faculty.

Existing Faculty

For a full picture of the benefits and entitlements available to UBC faculty browse the full list of benefits to the right.

If you are an active Faculty member working beyond your NRD, your benefits will change as outlined in the Memorandum of Agreement (PDF) that was signed by the University and the Faculty Association to place a temporary moratorium on mandatory retirement.

You can check benefits eligibility for existing faculty post-NRD, or check benefits eligibility for existing faculty post age 71.

Check Your Benefits Costs

Ever wonder about the cost of the benefits we enjoy? Take a look at the summary of costs, showing what (and how much) is paid by the employee and by UBC.

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